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Heated Driveway and Snow Melting Options

An electric heated driveway and radiant snow melting system provides reliable, energy-efficient snow removal during winter's most extreme weather. As the most trusted source for top-quality radiant heat solutions, Warmzone offers the best selection and prices available. Our goal is to provide you with current information and a variety of options for heated driveways, heated sidewalks and all other interior and exterior radiant heating needs. We'll help you select the snow and ice melt system that will best meet the specific needs of your property, while keeping within your budget.

  Electric Heated Driveway

  ClearZone radiant heat cable installed prior to the concrete pour for electric driveway heating system.
Heated Driveway photos
Fully automated electric heated driveway

If you are considering installing a heated driveway, there are three general driveway heating solutions that we typically recommend:

  1. Install radiant heating cable under all of the driveway pavement.

  2. Install only an 8-10 foot wide strip of heating cable up the middle of your driveway or main traffic area.

  3. Install two 24-inch wide tracks of radiant heat cable up the middle of your driveway.
Diagrams of how the electric heated driveway systems are laid out can be viewed in the installation section. Refer to the heated driveway projects page for examples of the different types of driveway heating configurations. The professionals at Warmzone can help you design a custom heated driveway snow melt system that meets your specific needs. Call us toll free at 888-488-9276.


 Free Heated Driveway Estimate

  Free estimate for heated driveway system.

To provide you with an accurate estimate for a radiant heated driveway system, please email or fax us (801-326-5199) the dimensions and a plan or sketch of your driveway or area that you wish to apply radiant heat. (You may also click the "get quote" link and then fill out the necessary information.) We will promptly provide you with the most accurate estimate possible as well as offer some custom driveway heating options and Free radiant snow melt system quote.information that may be advantageous for your
specific project.


 Driveway Heating Element

  Radiant heat cable prepared for concrete heated driveway.

Electric snow melt systems utilize durable, highly efficient cable that distributes heat evenly across the surface of your driveway or sidewalk. The rugged heating cable can be installed in new concrete pours, under pavers and even in harsh, high-temperature new asphalt construction projects. The cable is secured to the remesh, spaced at 6 inches and raised to be within 2 inches of the surface, using MeshUps, dobies or chairs). The concrete is then poured over the cable.

Warmzone ClearZone heating cable is the most popular radiant driveway snow melting cable and features efficient, maintenance free operation and a 10-year manufacturer warranty.


Contact the radiant heat experts at Warmzone. 

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