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Comforts of a bathroom heater and warm towels.
Zehnder Bathroom Heater / Towel Warmer Pricing

There are three different models of Zehnder radiant bathroom heaters / towel warmers. Below are samples of the most popular colors. Each model, however, is available in nearly 200 designer colors. If there is a particular color you are interested in, please contact us, and we can order the perfect color for you. Radiant bathroom heater programmable timer.

Programmable timer for Zehnder bathroom heater / towel warmer.

Premium Colors
towel warmer color
Metallic Colors
Nickel Aluminum
Nickel color option for bathroom heater.
Color option for Zehnder towel warmer.

Standard Colors
White Grey White Glacier Grey Creme Almond Red Wine
White color for bathroom heater and towel warmer.
Grey White color for towel warmer.
Glacier Grey color for Zehnder bathroom heater.
Creme color for bathroom heater and towel warmer.
Almond color for Zehnder towel warmer.
Red wine color for towel warmer.

Some towel warmer models are also available in different sizes. Browse through this page and the connecting links to pick out the perfect radiant heater / towel warmer that will add luxury and comfort to your home and bathroom. All radiant bathroom heaters / towel warmers come with the wireless, 7-day, programmable timer. Click here to view the product overview.

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