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Radiant Floor Heating Diagrams and Installation Information

 Radiant Floor Heating Systems - Installation Manuals 

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  • Warmzone In-Slab Radiant Floor Heating - Warmzone In-Slab floor heating systems are an inexpensive and effective way to heat your floors. The In-Slab heat cable is required to be embedded in minimum of 1/2-inch in concrete or mortar. Using a self-leveling material can make this part of the install easier. Any type of flooring can be installed on top of the base layer of the In-Slab radiant floor heating system. This method of floor heating requires a little more labor for the installation, but it can save you a few dollars per square foot on certain sized areas - and it's one of the best quality floor heating systems on the market.
  • Floor heating cable User's Manual Download the In-Slab Cable Manual now.

  • RetroHeat Under Floor Heating - The RetroHeat system is the optimal solution for installing radiant heating under existing floors. The floor heating panels for this system are stapled-up underneath the floor joists. This system can provide enough heat for entire rooms or supplemental floor heat under any flooring.
  • Retro heated floors - Installation Manual Download the RetroHeat Under Floor Heating Installation Manual now.

  • ComfortTile Floor Heating Thermostat - Warmzone's tile floor heating systems are controlled by a thermostat with a built-in GFCI and in-floor sensor. This programmable thermostat has a built-in clock function that allows you to set four events per day, including weekday and weekend settings.
  • Heated floor system User's Guide Download the ComfortTile Thermostat User Manual now.

  • ComfortTile Heating System - ComfortTile floor heating systems are ideal for small tiled areas where no floor buildup is desired. The heating cable is only 1/8-inch in diameter and can be installed in the thinset. This electric radiant heat system is controlled by an analog dial-in thermostat or programmable 7-day set thermostat.
  • Installation manual for Comfort Tile floor heating system Download the ComfortTile Heating System Installation Manual now.
  • Comfort Tile floor heating mats, installation manual Download the ComfortTile Mat Installation Manual now.
  • Radiant heated floor installation video View the ComfortTile Mat Heated Floor Installation Video.

  • FloorHeat Low-Voltage Systems - Low-voltage electric radiant heating systems are great for heating hardwood, carpet and tiled floors. FloorHeat can be installed directly under hardwood, tile, laminates and carpet flooring, and no floor buildup is required. Certified electricians should hook up power to the systems, but any contractor or experienced handyman can install a majority of the floor heating system.
Installation manual for Comfort Tile floor heating system Download the FloorHeat/RoofHeat Manual now.

 Cross Section Diagrams

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FloorHeat under hardwood floor
FloorHeat radiant floor heating system under a carpeted floor.
FloorHeat installed to create a warm tiled floor.

FloorHeat installed under concrete base for a heated tile floor.
Heated hardwood floor with In-Slab radiant heating cable installed.
Radiant heat installed under a ceramic tile floor.

Floor heating cable installed in concrete slab.
Radiant floor heating system under carpeted floor.
Heated tile floor

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 Other Floor Heating Diagrams, Videos & Materials

Heated floor installation video Heated Floor Installation Video