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 Roof Heating Cable and Part Calculation


Gutter Heating Cables - Determining the necessary materials for gutter ice melting requires a few simple measurements. First calculate the total length of gutters to be heated, including downspouts. The length of gutters is then doubled to obtain the amount of cable required. DS-2 clips are used every few inches, including in downspouts, to assure the heating cables don't cross. Downspout hanger kits are used at the top of the downspout. The radiant heating cables are controlled by gutter mounted snow switches, which activate the snow and ice melt system when moisture and low temperatures are present.

Gutter Ice Melting Calculator

Enter lineal feet of rain gutters & down spouts:

Enter number of down spouts:

Radiant Roof Gutter Heating Cables - Calculating the amount of radiant heating cable needed for roof de-icing can be easily done by taking a few simple measurements. Measurement A, shown in Figure 1, will always be a constant 2 feet. Measurement B will range from 1-5 feet, which is the distance from the roof edge to about 6 inches above the roof eave, where the wall and the overhang meet. The final needed measurement is the length of the roof edge. Warmzone recommends heating the gutters as well as the roof to prevent refreezing in the gutters, which can cause structural damage and pose significant safety risks.

Roof & Gutter Ice Melting Calculator

Enter lineal feet of rain gutters
and down spouts:

Enter number of down spouts:

Length of Roof Eaves:

Measurement B:      feet


Diagram for determining proper roof deicing radiant heat system.

Diagram for calculating the proper amount of heating cable for a roof deicing system.