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Radiant Roof and Gutter Heat - Snow and Ice Melting

Roof and gutter heating systems protect your roof throughout winter by keeping roof gutters and drainpipes safe from dangerous icicles, frost erosion and heavy loads of snow and ice.

Roof without radiant heat deicing systemThe damaging effects of roof ice and snow can be seen on many older structures in our communities. The buildings were not designed to withstand the extreme weight from snow and ice accumulation, and can lead to water entering the building.    This can  eventually lead to unsafe conditions and cause the building to become structurally unsound.

Flat roofs on industrial buildings are especially susceptible to snow and ice damage, which is why radiant roof heating is a common solution for many commercial properties. Installing a quality heated roof and gutter deicing system eliminates potential damage from snow and ice buildup.

Roof Heating - Roof Deicing Systems

Warmzone has a variety of roof and gutter ice melting solutions (including RoofHeat and other roof heating systems). RoofHeat deicing cable is a common choice for roof heating applications. The RoofHeat ice and snow melting kit consists of heating cable, an electronic thermostat and other installation accessories. The versatile snow melting system can be installed in virtually any type of roofing application for residential as well as commercial properties. RoofHeat deicing cable can be used on metal, graveled, bitumen or tile roofs, and can be applied on roof edges, drain pipes, roof gutters and valleys.

Warmzone's automated roof heating systems feature a main controller (a snow/ice and temperature sensor such as the DS-2B or DS-8), that activates the snowmelt system only when moisture is detected and the temperature is below 39° F. This provides an extremely cost-effective solution for large areas of roof snow and ice melting. Outdoor temperature sensors are intended for use on roofs and in roof gutters, while moisture sensors and wire sensors are normally fitted inside gutters where the melted runoff collects. The actual number and placement depends on the size and nature of the particular roof heating installation.

The roof heating system's master control unit, the Warmzone Controller, is the premier snow melting control unit in the industry, and the only UL listed control unit of its kind, making it ideal for residential and commercial applications. (The UL listing ensures that the unit meets residential fire insurance requirements; and thereby does not void any existing insurance policies.)

Features and Benefits of Roof and Gutter Heating
  • Flexible and easy to install

  • Automated operation

  • Safe, reliable and durable

  • Roof and gutters remain free of snow and ice

  • Melted ice drains safely down gutters and drains

  • Eliminates heavy, dangerous icicles

  • Prevents snow and ice damage to structure

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Radiant roof gutter melt heating cable.
Roof heat radiant heat cable installed inside a roof gutter. The heat cable is an ideal way to protect your home's roof from structural damage due to ice and snow buildup.
Roof Heating Cable - Product Features
Easy to Install
Automatic Operation
CSA Certified
UL Listed
Extremely Durable
Safe and Reliable
Technical Data
Bending Radius: Minimum 1.5 (38mm)
Cable conductor: Twin conductor
Height: -inch
Rated Voltage: 120V
Rated Temperature: 220F/105C
Conductor Insulation & Features: Irradiated core, tinned copper braid
Outer Sheath: PVC
Approvals: CSA
Warranty: 2 years; workmanship and materials

Note: Roof gutter melt heat cables delivered are black, not red.