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Radiant heated driveway installation using Warmzone ClearZone heating cable mats.

 ClearZone Electric Radiant Heating, Snow and Ice Melt Systems

Warmzone carries the highest quality heated driveway and radiant snow melting systems available, including the industry leading ClearZone radiant heating system. From large heated driveways and parking areas to custom sized walkways, ramps and roof deicing, the Warmzone ClearZone electric snowmelt system is the premier snow and ice melting solution for both commercial and residential applications. Featuring fully automated, energy-efficient operation, the ClearZone radiant heating system is virtually maintenance free, easy to install and can be customized to meet the snowmelt needs of just about any size or shape of driveway, walkway, etc.

With a proven record of quality and reliable performance, Warmzone is proud to offer the ClearZone snowmelt system, which carries the industry's most comprehensive manufacturer warranty.

The versatile and highly durable ClearZone electric snow melt system can be utilized for a variety of radiant heating applications, making it a popular snow and ice melt solution among home owners and contractors alike. Browse through our website to learn about heated driveway Get quote for radiant heat systemand snow melt systems and then contact us or call one of our radiant specialists (888-488-9276), or submit a request by clicking the "get quote" link to the right.

  Customized Electric Heated Driveway

Electric heated driveways are rapidly gaining popularity throughout the country as homeowners and construction professionals discover the convenience and long term benefits of these dependable snow and ice melt systems. Easy to install, energy efficient and remarkably effective, electric heated driveways offer environmentally friendly, reliable snow melt solutions throughout the cold season.

Electric heated driveways are fully automated, activated by a high-tech snow sensors that activates the heating system when it detects precipitation and temperatures are below 39 Fahrenheit. Installing a heated driveway not only eliminates the time consuming, arduous task of manual snow removal, but enhances safety and increases the value of your property. Warmzone ClearZone electric heated driveway systems come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty and can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your driveway's layout.

Call Warmzone today and learn how affordable and versatile our radiant snowmelt systems are. We'll be happy to even provide you with a free quote for your radiant heating needs. 
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Electric heated driveway - ClearZone cable laid out in dual tracks in under paver
Radiant heated driveway with ClearZone heating cable installed in a dual track driveway layout with brick under pavers.

  Radiant Heated Sidewalks & Walkways

The convenient design, versatility and durable construction of ClearZone electric radiant heating mats make them a favorite among homeowners and commercial construction professionals alike. Featuring industry-leading heat cable, properly spaced and pre-woven into durable, flexible mats with a self-adhesive backing, the snow melting mat ensures optimum radiant heat performance as well as ease of installation. Unparalleled in performance and user-friendly design, ClearZone mats have proven to be one of the most reliable and easiest radiant heating systems to install on the market.

In addition to the convenient design features of the ClearZone mats, facilitating quick and proper installation, the snowmelt system is built from top quality materials and capable of withstanding the harshest winter conditions. 

Whether you plan on heating entire sidewalks, porches and driveways or narrow walkways and small entryways, the ClearZone radiant heating system can be tailored to meet the unique needs of most any snow and ice melt application.

Electric radiant heat installed under city sidewalks in Missouri.
Oak Grove, Missouri opted to revitalize the historic downtown shopping district by installing decorative sidewalks equipped with radiant heating. City officials noted that while snow plows cleared the streets, "the sidewalks remained completely dry and free of snow."

 Retrofit Surfaces with Radiant Heat

Though radiant heat snow melt systems are best installed during the initial construction phase, cement driveways and asphalt surfaces can also be effectively retrofitted with reliable ClearZone radiant heat systems.

While the ClearZone radiant heat cable is durable enough to be applied in new concrete driveways and even high temperature asphalt parking lots and other paved structures, the cable can also be fitted into existing surfaces.

By using concrete saw-cut technology, grooves can be cut into concrete or asphalt. Warmzone ClearZone radiant heat cable can then be laid into the grooves and sealed into the structure using an epoxy topcoat. If desired, a sand broadcast can be applied to the surface before the epoxy cures to create additional traction and enhance safety.

Radiant heat experts at Warmzone will work with you closely to match the most effective solution for your project, at the best possible price. At Warmzone, you can expect nothing but sincere, non-biased recommendations from our staff of experienced radiant heat professionals. Call today for more information about retrofitting your driveway with radiant heat (888.488.WARM).

Automated electric heated sidewalk eliminates the need for manual snow removal.

Large electric heated driveway for commercial parking lot.
Retrofit concrete, asphalt, under pavers or other surfaces with ClearZone electric radiant heating systems.

ClearZone Heating Cable Raises the Bar

Warmzone Radiant Heat Cable - Summary of Benefits

ClearZone heat cable distinguishes itself as the premier snow and ice melt radiant heating product for several reasons:

  1. Unmatched Durability - The heating cable can be safely installed in new concrete pours, under pavers and even in harsh, high-temperature new asphalt construction projects.

  2. Easy, Customized Installation - ClearZone cable can be customized to meet the performance demands and space requirements of virtually any snowmelt project.

  3. Virtually Maintenance Free - ClearZone snowmelt systems feature a minimum 10-year manufacturer warranty and are are virtually maintenance free.

  4. Fully Automated - The ClearZone heated driveway and snowmelt system is activated by a high-performance snow sensor (aerial or pavement mounted, depending on your preference). When the snow sensor detects precipitation and temperatures are below 39 F, the sensor signals the master control box, initiating startup of the radiant heating system. (The control unit also includes a manual override function in case of snowdrifts or ice forming in shaded areas.) 

  5. Quickest Response Time - Once activated, the electric ClearZone radiant snowmelt system provides unparalleled response time when compared to other radiant snow melting systems on the market.

  6. Superior Workmanship, Materials and Design - The ClearZone heating cable is UL listed and features twin conductor with FEP/XLPE insulation, polyolefin jacketing design (for flexibility and UV protection), allowing the radiant heat system to reliably provide top performance during the most brutal winter conditions. Featuring the time-tested Warmzone expertise and a 10-year manufacturer warranty, the ClearZone cable is designed and built to outperform all competing products. The ClearZone cable is rated at 220 F. 

ClearZone Electric Heating mats ensure simple, proper installation.
ClearZone radiant heat mats are designed for ease of installation and proper cable spacing for optimum
snow melting efficiency.

Warmzone Control Unit
for Heated Driveway and
Snow Melting Systems