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Radiant Heat Information


Radiant Heated Tiled Floor

Hydronic Floor Heat vs. Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Deciding on a radiant floor heating or snow melting system can be a challenge when you consider all of your options. Choosing the best possible radiant heat system will impact your upfront and long term expenses. Warmzone ensures the best system choice by looking at the individual characteristics of your project and then selling you a system that offers the most value. Buying a radiant heat system from Warmzone saves you money by helping you to make a wise radiant system purchase.

Electric Radiant Heat

Electric floor warming systems are ideal for adding heat under tile and other hard floor surfaces. Some of the benefits of an electric floor warming system are; easy to install, perfect for individual zoning or temperature control and there is no maintenance or upkeep required to assure top performance. Please refer to ComfortTile Cable , ComfortTile Mats , Warmzone In-Slab, Warm Ribbon, and FloorHeat as some of our top recommendations.

Electric Radiant Heat

The term radiant heat often still refers to a Hydronic system which is a method that uses a gas or oil boiler to heat water and an electric pump to circulate it through special PEX tubing under the floor. Historically, hydronic radiant heat became popular in North America due to the low cost of fuel. It still remains true that many projects will find that a hydronic heat system may still be less expensive to install and operate.

Since a hydronic radiant floor heating system has so many parts and variables to consider, it is crucial to the performance of the system that it be properly designed and installed by a qualified contractor. Contact us directly for a design and materials estimate.


Warmzone Product recommendations for Radiant Floor Heat
Heatable Area Tiled Flooring Hardwood & Carpet Concrete Slab Existing Floors Showers
 10 to 300 ComfortTile FloorHeat, Warm Ribbon In-Slab RetroHeat ComfortTile
 300 to 700 ComfortTile FloorHeat In-Slab RetroHeat ComfortTile
 700 plus ComfortTile FloorHeat Hydronic RetroHeat Hydronic

Warmzone radiant floor heating product comparisons
Product Applications Zoning* Profile Installation Price/Sq.Ft.** Warranty
ComfortTile Cable Tile, Marble, Slate, Stone 320* 1/8-inch diameter In thinset $5.00 per sq.ft. and up 10 years
ComfortTile Mats Tile 320* 3/16-inch diameter In thinset $5.00 per sq.ft. and up 10 years
Concrete Slab, Tile, Hardwood, Carpet 310* 1/4-inch diameter Embedded in 1/2" of mortar or concrete $4.00 / sq.ft. and up 10 years
FloorHeat Hardwood, Laminates,  Carpet, Tile 675* 1/32-inch thick
1 ft. wide
In thinset, under carpet pad & hardwood $9.00 / sq.ft. and up 20 years
Warm Ribbon Floating Hardwood, Laminates, Carpet 320* 1/16-inch On top of sub-floor $6.50 per sq. ft. 10 years
RetroHeat Existing Floors 480* 1/32-inch thick In between floor joists $5.00 / sq.ft. and up 15 years
Hydronic Homes & Large Areas Varies 1-inch floor build-up In gypcrete or ComfortTile $6.00 / sq.ft. and up Varies

*A zone is considered any area that is heated by a single thermostat. This column gives you the approximate maximum square feet you can heat with one thermostat per system.

**The best price per square foot is obtained when maxing out the system (heating the largest area possible per system).