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Boilers for Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Systems

One of the most important components to a radiant heating system is the boiler. Choosing the right boiler will directly influence the operational costs and effectiveness of a radiant system. Each type of boiler has specific advantages and disadvantages. In order to find the perfect boiler, several crucial questions need to be considered before making your choice. With so many boiler options available to the public, the task of finding the best value can be confusing. Our job at Warmzone is to understand your project requirements and goals and then design the best system possible. Because of the direct relationship we have with our customers, you will always receive honest recommendations coupled with the best prices in the industry.

Below are some of the products Warmzone has approved to sell based on our Value Criteria. Warmzone also represents a variety of other hydronic system components and will specify the best componenents for individual jobs, as well as give different options for upgrades and other parts when desired. Please browse over the listed products and contact us if you would like additional information.

The Munchkin Heater for Radiant Floor Heating

The Munchkin is the most compact and efficient heater available. This boiler is very intuitive and will adjust itself for maximum efficiency. Because of its simple design many do-it-yourselfers prefer this boiler for its easy installation.

The first UPS-able boiler is now available. This heater will give you the lowest possible operating costs resulting in a rapid return on your investment. The Munchkin also has several other advantages including quiet operation, constant dependable operation, low emissions for a friendly environment, easier installation which equals less installation costs, and a 12-year limited warranty.

Contact Warmzone today to talk to one of our radiant heat specialists. We carry the finest radiant floor heating systems on the market and will match your project with the best system for the job.

M-Module Series Controls

The M-Module is here to replace the mechanical rooms. Older hydronic floor heating systems have required large mechanical rooms to control the systems. The M-Module is now making the design and installation simple while eliminating much of the wasted space in a mechanical room.

What used to take someone up to 3 days to build for a functioning hydronic floor heating system can now be accomplished in 15 minutes. Less installation time for your hydronic system means less installation costs and more money in your pocket for a luxurious floor heating system.

If you're planning to install radiant floor heating throughout your home, Warmzone can design a hydronic system specific to your project.

Benefits   Product Details   Boilers & Controls   Comparison