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Radiant Floor Heat

  • Tiled Areas - Heat your bathroom floors or other tiled areas throughout your home with our easy-to-install, cable heating system. Our quality floor heating solutions feature the most comprehensive manufacturer warranty in the industry.
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  • Hardwood and Carpet Floors - Take the chill off any floor surface with the one of a kind, low-voltage FloorHeat system. FloorHeat is the thinnest heating material available, and it can be secured to the subfloor with nails and staples.
  • Existing Floors / Retrofit - Warm your existing floors by installing a radiant heating system in between your floor joists. Easy to install, simply access the floor joists from below and retrofit your existing floor to start enjoying the benefits of an in-floor radiant heat system today.
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  • Hydronic Radiant Heat - Heating your entire home with radiant floor heat is a long term investment you'll never regret. Learn more about the latest technology in energy-efficient hydronic floor heating.
  • New Construction / Foundation (in-slab) Cables - Featuring single-point connection and pre-spaced mats, the Warmzone In-Slab heat cable is one of the easiest floor heating systems on the market to install. The heating system includes the heating cable, pre-spliced cold leads, and a digital 7-day setback thermostat.
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Electric Radiant Heat Bathroom Floor

Hardwood Floor Radiant Heat

Heated Tile Floor

Snow and Ice Melting

  • Concrete - New - Warmzone's In-Slab snow removal system is easy to install, extremely rugged and will provide quality, maintenance-free performance for years.
  • Asphalt - New & Existing - The Warmzone ClearZone radiant heat cable once again is our choice for asphalt applications due to its unique, durable construction and rugged heat tolerance.
  • Brick and Stone Pavers - Extend the life of your beautiful driveway by eliminating the need for snowplows and harmful snow removal chemicals.
  • RoofHeat - Roof heating systems are designed to eliminate ice and snow in your roof eaves and/or valleys, keeping your home or business perimeter safer and reducing the risk of winter roof damage. Our roof heating systems provide you with a variety of options to accommodate the various types of roofing materials and colors. Gutter melting systems utilize a self-regulating heat cable to ensure that there is no ice buildup in roof gutters.
  • Warmzone Roof Deicing - Say goodbye to dangerous icicles and protect your roof from ice damage with one of the most discreet low-voltage roof deicing systems available. Installing Warmzone's flat heating element can extend the life of your roof and does not affect the appearance of the roof. This snow and ice melt system can be easily applied to new construction or roof remodeling jobs.
  • Gutter Ice Melting Cables - Warmzone ice melting cables and the flat RoofHeat element are extremely effective for melting snow and ice on existing roofs and in gutters. The self-regulating, radiant heating systems can be controlled by automatic sensors to maximize efficiency and conserve energy.
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  • WarmTrax Portable Snowmelt Solutions - WarmTrax portable mats and stair tread snowmelt products are a great alternative to embedded snow removal systems for heating outdoor walkways and stairs. Available in aluminum or rubber, these convenient snowmelt solutions are a popular means of enhancing safety, and the systems are very easy to use. The snow melting stair treads can be easily daisy-chained together to cover as many steps as you need, eliminating the need for harsh snowmelt chemicals and snow shoveling.
    Portable snow melting mats
  • Outdoor Heating and Curing Blankets - PowerBlanket barrel warmers and concrete curing blankets can be used for a wide range of applications. From engine warmers and pet heating mats to major outdoor construction and concrete curing jobs, the versatile PowerBlanket comes in several different sizes to accommodate the space requirements of any type of job. Check out the various PowerBlanket products.

Radiant heated walkway and entryways.

Radiant Heated Driveway.
Thin, self-regulating heating element being installed for roof deicing system.

WarmTrax portable snow melting mat.

Warmzone Home Amenities

  • Heated Bidets - These luxury heated bidets provide the finest comfort, convenience and health benefits that technology has to offer. Boasting a number of impressive functions that everyone in the family will enjoy, the bidet with heated toilet seat is easy to install, simple to operate and energy efficient. Install a heated bidet in your home today and chances are, you'll never want to go back to owning a conventional toilet again. 
  • Wall-mount Heaters - Warmzone offers two of the most stylish, innovative and efficient wall-mount heaters on the market: Climastar heaters and ECO-heaters. The Climastar wall-mount heaters feature natural stone facades, which facilitates low power consumption and effective heat distribution. Both brands of wall-mount heaters offer a wide variety of design options, and feature easy, wireless installation. The facade of these heaters can be painted to accommodate the decor of the room. The electric heaters mount securely on the wall and plug in to a standard 120V outlet.
  • Radiant Towel Warmers - Zehnder radiant bathroom heaters provide an even, radiant heat source with the added benefit of warming and drying towels. The Swiss-made, high-quality Zehnder controller distinguishes Zehnder radiant heaters and towel warmers from others. The radiant heaters are all-inclusive; meaning that there is no need for additional construction and wiring associated with installing a programmable thermostat typical of other warmers.
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Premium bidet with heated toilet seat

Zehnder Bathroom and Towel Heater