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Projects > Pennsylvania > East Stroudsburg - Snow Melting Asphalt Retrofit

Location: Residence in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (Eastern part of Pennsylvania)

Radiant Heat System: ClearZone single snow melting system installed that covers approximately 300 square feet.

Medium: Asphalt driveway retrofitted with a radiant snow melting system.

Details: Grooves cut into asphalt driveway for ClearZone radiant snow melting system.

Asphalt driveway before installation of radiant heat system.

The asphalt driveway before installation of radiant driveway heating system.

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Driveway snow melting control unit.

240 V. 30 amp breaker is supplied by a certified electrician - the control unit is hung in the garage between two studs.

Grooves cut into asphalt for radiant heat cable.

600 lineal feet of lines are marked on the driveway - Lines are spaced at 6 inches.

Asphalt driveway retrofitted with radiant snow melting system.

A professional saw cutter cuts grooves in the asphalt 1-1½" inches deep and ¼" wide

Installing heat cable into grooves.

600 lineal feet of heat cable is laid in the cut grooves.

Heated driveway retrofit.

Backer Rod (a foam filler) is used to fill in space between the heat cable and sealant.

Retrofitting asphalt heated driveway.

The cable was laid out to heat a pair of 2'-wide tire tracks up the middle and an area to exit and enter at the bottom and top of the driveway - Backer Rod nearly complete

Connecting driveway heating system.

The heat cable is spliced to cold lead, which connects to the transformer inside the control unit.

Sealing heat cable into asphalt driveway.

The grooves are then sealed with a blacktop sealant to prevent rocks and other sharp objects from damaging the cable.

Heat cable sealed into asphalt driveway.

Close up picture of sealed driveway - The sealant used is black and blends in well with the asphalt

Snow sensor for driveway snow melting system.

This system is activated by an aerial-mounted snow switch and a manual, overriding, 12-hour timer in the garage.

Heated asphalt driveway refrofit, completed.

Final picture of an installed snow melting system. The system is not very noticeable now, but it will be come the first snowfall.