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Radiant Floor Heating

Warmzone carries the highest quality radiant floor heating systems and services available. Because no single system is perfect for every floor heating job, Warmzone provides a wide variety of “Best-in-Class” systems and can match the ideal floor heating system to your individual project. We also provide floor heating diagrams and installation information. Contact us for any size radiant floor heating project.

There are several types of quality radiant heated floor systems available. Please browse through our website to learn about these systems, and then contact one of our radiant heat specialists by phone or submit a request by clicking the Request a Quote link.

What are Radiant Heated Floors?

Radiant Heated Tile Floors

Warm tile floors are rapidly becoming standard for new and remodeled homes. Radiant heat for tile floors has always been considered a distinctive quality, so if you are building a new home or remodeling any of your floors, now is the time to add under floor heating. Many of the floor heating products we sell can be installed by do-it-yourself home owners. For small areas we recommend using electric radiant heating products for reasons of cost and ease of installation.
Learn more about heating small tiled floors.

Radiant heated floor, creating warm tile floor

Radiant Heat Under Hardwood, Carpet and Tile Floors

Whether you plan on heating under hardwood, carpet, or tiled floors, Warmzone has a system that will work for your project. Our staff will help you match the best product for your home at the best price.

Instead of promoting one product for every situation, you can expect nothing but sincere, non-biased recommendations from our staff of radiant professionals.
More on under floor heating for hardwood, carpet and laminate floors.

Electric radiant floor heating installed under hardwood floor

Refrofitting your home with radiant heated floors

Radiant floor heat can now be easily installed underneath existing floors. If you can access your floor joists from below, you are a perfect candidate for the RetroHeat floor heating system. Now you can receive the same benefits of radiant heat without tearing up your floors. RetroHeat consists of warming panels that are cut to their proper length, then stapled between the floor joists. RetroHeat provides an effective floor heating solution at an affordable price.
Learn more about retrofitting your home with a radiant floor heating system.

Cutaway view of a retrofit floor heating system

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

Hydronic floor heating is a proven method for radiant heating. In new construction or large heating areas, it is difficult to beat the price of a hydronic floor heating system. For remodeling projects or to reduce weight and height concerns of traditional Gypcrete applications, low-mass modular boards are an excellent solution. You can now avoid the mess and hassle of adding concrete to your home with a modular board that houses PEX tubing in its proper spacing and pattern. After these boards and tubing are installed, you can conveniently add hardwood, carpet, tile and other floor-coverings directly on top.
Learn more about hydronic radiant floor heating.

Installing hydronic radiant floor heating system

   Radiant Floor Heating Diagrams and Installation Information