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Retrofit Your Floor with Radiant Heat

A common regret after installing a high quality floor covering is not having installed in-floor (under floor) radiant heating. With the RetroHeat radiant floor heating system, you can warm your existing floors, supplement your home's heat and increase the value of your home.

Warmzone offers an affordable solution for retrofitting your existing floor with an efficient radiant heating system. If you can access your floor joists from below, you are a perfect candidate for the RetroHeat floor heating system. Now you can receive the same luxury radiant heat installed in new construction.

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Retrofit Radiant Heat Under Floor

RetroHeat efficiently heats your floors and is easy to install. The under floor radiant heat system is UL approved and carries a generous 10-year warranty.

Under Floor Joist Heating

Installation Overview

The RetroHeat System is easy to install and makes a great do-it-yourself project. The under floor heating system consists of heating panels, connection materials, and unique digital thermostat that includes a 16-amp GFCI breaker and floor sensor for accurate programming. When installing the system, the heating panels are cut to their proper length, then stapled in between the floor joists. Heating panels are available for joists with 12", 16", and 24" spacing. (Measurements are taken from the center of once joist to the other, not the distance in between the joists.) After stapling the heating panels between the floor joists, the electrical connections are made and common batt insulation is installed underneath the panels to direct the heat up through the floor.

Visit the installation section for more detailed information.

The RetroHeat system is the best value for retrofitting radiant heat under any existing floor covering including tile, hardwood, and carpet. So, if you have open access to the floor joists, you can add in-floor radiant heat to your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living room floors.

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