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Warmzone's radiant floor heating systems are controlled by a state-of-the-art GFCI thermostat that features a built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and in-floor sensor. The programmable thermostat facilitates energy-efficient operation, is simple to use and built to last.

The floor heating thermostat has a built-in clock function that allows you to set four events per day, including separate weekday and weekend settings. The temperature can also be changed for a single event. Afterwards, the thermostat will return to the user-programmed schedule on the next scheduled event.

  • Simple user interface with large back-lit display
  • Easy to use with thoughtful installation design
  • Screw terminals for safe and easy installation
  • Can be configured for control of floor temperature and regulator without sensor
  • Pre-programmed for quick setup installation
  • Monitored energy consumption
  • Four-event, seven-day energy saving
  • The thermostat's set-point can be adjusted, matching the actual floor temperature, ensuring 100 percent actual measurement and control of the under floor heating system
    Download the Thermostat User Manual
    Download the Thermostat Installation Instructions

Programmable thermostat for radiant floor heating system.

Technical Specs:

GFCI Class A, 5mA trip level
GFCI disconnects line & neutral (L2)
2-year manufacturer warranty
In-floor sensor or regulator
Dual voltage 120V or 240V
Output relay 15A
Screw terminals
Easy switching between °F and °C
Large back-lit display for easy read-out

The heated floor thermostats are delivered with factory-set programs as follows:

Floor heating thermostat factory-set programs.


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI):

The radiant floor heating thermostat has an integrated Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI, Class A). In case a ground fault should occur, the thermostat will disconnect both lines to the floor heating element. The thermostat and the GFCI are dual voltage models suitable for 120/240V 50/60 Hz supplies.

Offset adjustment:

The thermostat's set-point can be adjusted, matching the actual floor temperature. This ensures a 100% actual measurement and control of your underfloor heating system.

Adjustable scale:

The thermostat controls floor temperatures from +41+104F. The scale can be adjusted if desired within this temperature range.

Comfort mode:

The temperature can be temporarily changed for a single event. The comfort mode temperature is reset at the next event, and the thermostat will return to the scheduled event, previously programmed by the user.

Manual mode:

The thermostat's scheduled event program can be cancelled if needed (I.e., during holidays or vacations). For example, to protect against frost or freezing while you are gone, the temperature can be adjusted to 41F (5C). The new setpoint remains valid until the thermostat's manual mode is cancelled.

Monitoring of energy consumption:

Total switch-on time in percentage can be read within the latest 2 days, 30 days, or 365 days. This facilitates energy-efficient operation by allowing the heat consumption to be controlled.

Backup function:

All settings and the clock are maintained in case the floor heating thermostat is switched off on the GFCI test button. If the main power supply is interrupted for more than 10 hours, the current time and date must be reset.

Mounting of floor sensor:

The floor sensor is used for comfortable heating of the floor. The sensor is mounted in conduit for replacement purposes. The conduit is placed between radiant heating cables and is ended towards the floor surface. If required, the sensor cable may be extended up to 300 ft. (100 m.) with standard installation cable.

Thermostat control:

The thermostat is an electronic on/off thermostat for controlling temperature by means of a sensor placed externally. The heat output is switched on and off with a difference of only 0.7F (0.4C). The thermostat can be configured for control of floor temperature and regulator without sensor. It is compatible with existing floor sensors by means of a temperature setting, making it the best thermostat for renovation purposes.


According to the following standards:
GFCI: UL 943:1993
Thermostat: UL 8730-2-9:1998
UL 60730-1A:2002
UL file number: E157297.