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Radiant under floor heating versus forced air heating

Electric Under Floor Heating Systems

When heating small areas or under a tile floor, electric radiant under floor heating systems make the most sense. The advantages and benefits of electric floor heating cable are far superior to hydronic floor heating for warming floors. Electric floor heating cable systems are more efficient, easy to install, and the least expensive. Controlled by a thermostat with an in-floor sensor, electric under floor systems are maintenance-free and have the quickest response time.

Warmzone offers several unique under floor heating products. Review the information below to determine the floor heating system that best fits your needs, or call us today at 1-888-488-9276 and one of our radiant floor heating experts will be happy to provide you with more information.
Radiant Under Floor Heating Product Warranty
10-Year Manufacturer Warranty

WARMZONE Comfort Tile            Supports Green Power logo.

  • The diameter is just 1/8 of an inch.
  • This floor heating cable is installed in the thinset so there is no floor buildup.
  • Warmzone's radiant floor heating cable features durable, stainless steel braid covering.
  • Easily installs under marble, slate and tile flooring.

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Warmzone ComfortTile radiant floor heating cable


  • Low profile installation. The radiant floor heating mats have a thickness of only 3/16-inch (3mm).
  • Adhesive backing for ease of installation.
  • Dual conductor heating cable allows for only one cold lead connection.
  • Built-in ground-fault protection (GFCI).

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Warmzone ComfortTile Radiant Under Floor Heating Mat and Thermostat

WARMZONE In-Slab HEAT Cable Warmzone radiant heat supports green power.

  • The In-Slab heat cable is only 1/4-inch in diameter.
  • Is installed directly in a concrete slab.
  • Once installed in a concrete slab, any flooring such as ceramic tile, marble, hardwood, slate, etc., can be placed over the top, providing a comfortable and safe floor heating system for any home or commercial project.
  • Meets UL standards and features a 10-year warranty.

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Warmzone In-Slab radiant floor heating cable

WARMZONE HEATSHIELD PANELS Warmzone radiant heat supports green power.

  • The HeatShield floor insulation panels consist of a -inch thick polystyrene insulation covered with a thin, specially profiled aluminum, ensuring excellent downward insulation and optimum upward heat distribution that reduces energy consumption.
  • Does not require heat cable to be embedded in mud/cement base.
  • Simple installation: Just lay the insulation panels on the existing floor, press the cable into the grooves provided and place the wooden laminate floor on top.
  • Meets UL standards and features a 10-year warranty.

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HeatShield insulation panels for radiant floor heating system.


WARMZONE FLOORHEAT                Warmzone radiant heat supports green power.

  • Low-voltage, self-regulating heating element ensures energy efficient operation and long life.
  • The thin, polymer heating element requires no floor buildup, and can be easily secured to the subfloor with adhesive, staples or pegs.
  • Simple installation: Can be cut to length on site and installed under most floor coverings, including tile, stone, resilient, laminate, hardwood and carpet.
  • Meets UL standards and features a 20-year warranty.

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Self-regulating FloorHeat for radiant floor heating system.

Ideal Heat warm ribbon             Warmzone radiant heat supports green power.

  • Warm Ribbon cable is flat, flexible heating ribbon.
  • Versatile enough to be used under just about any type of floor surface.
  • Thin, flexible yet extremely durable. The mesh floor heating mat facilitates simple installation.
  • Warm Ribbon floor heating mat emits an extremely low electro-magnetic field.

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Ideal Heat Warm Ribbon electric under floor heating mat.

hgtv Heated patio installation video  

Radiant heated patio installation video on HGTV


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