Powerblanket® Outdoor Heating Blankets

Staying productive during the winter months is essential for construction professionals. Powerblanket® portable heating solutions help to ensure productivity during cold weather by offering ground thaw and freeze protection for materials and all types of equipment. A wide variety of specialized Powerblanket heating solutions are designed to enhance productivity and eliminate downtime and expenses associated with replacing frozen equipment. The outdoor heating mats can be used to protect pipes, pumps, valves, tanks and much more.

Warmzone® offers a vast assortment of Powerblanket heating mats, curing blankets, tote warmers, and more. Powerblanket outdoor heating solutions range from freeze protection and process control to construction, residential, and agricultural applications. The portable heating solutions feature an extremely robust design, and provide cost-effective freeze protection solutions during winter’s most extreme weather.

Powerblanket portable heating solutions have proven extremely valuable to concrete professionals. The portable heated curing blankets offer construction professionals a manageable and realistic method for curing concrete slabs. Powerblanket curing mats help to properly maintain moisture throughout the hydrating process and can cure concrete almost three times faster than typical insulated blankets or tarps. The durable curing blankets are easily transported, and maintain ACI compliance for cold-weather concrete applications. For more information about Powerblanket portable heating and freeze protection mats, call 888-488-9276 today.

Portable Heaters and Ground Thaw

Warmzone offers a variety of Powerblanket outdoor heating solutions. The "extra hot" heating blankets are designed to thaw frozen ground, keep vehicle or equipment engines warm, and can even be used to melt ice dams. The durable, weatherproof electric heating blankets and warmers are favorites among construction professionals and homeowners alike.

Engine Warmers

The Powerblanket engine warmer protects engines from extreme weather and facilitates reliable engine starting during winter's coldest months. Simply unroll the engine warmer, set it on top of the engine or wrap it around it and close the hood. The engine warmer has a 6-foot male end cord. Smaller heating blankets and mats are also ideal as battery warmers.

Ground Thaw and Utility Applications

Initially designed to thaw ground for mortuary services, the Powerblanket can be effectively used for a variety of ground thaw and construction applications. If you need to get through frozen ground fast, the flexible "extra hot" Powerblanket is the solution. Melt snow and ice from roofs, walkways, and digging sites with the extra hot ground thaw blankets. The outdoor heating blanket can thaw up to 18 inches of ground overnight. The heating mats are also commonly used to provide warmth for pets and are safe to remain plugged in all winter.

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Heated Tote Boxes and Warmers

PowerBlanket tote boxes and warmers are designed for storing and transporting temperature-sensitive construction materials such as bags of asphalt, epoxy, caulking, paint and various other materials. The Powerblanket warmers feature patented heat-spreading technology and eco-friendly design, allowing you to maintain a consistent, heated environment, helping you to maximize your productivity.

The standard tote heater blankets fit 250 gallon, 275 gallon, 330 gallon, 350 gallon, 450 gallon, and 550 gallon totes. Designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, the portable weatherproof tote warmers provide safe, consistent heat, ensuring your totes are stored at optimal temperatures. The advanced insulation prevents heat loss and will protect materials in temperatures as low as -40°F/-40°C.

The versatility and rugged design of these heating solutions make them very effective and dependable for those who depend on working throughout the winter. Powerblanket tote warmers can offer consistent and regulated heat distribution at a fraction of the cost of other industrial heating blanket alternatives. The dependability and cost-savings due to increased productivity make the mats a favorite freeze prevention and temperature control solution for construction professionals. Protect your materials and stay productive. For more information about Warmzone's portable heating and snow melting solutions, call Warmzone today at 888-488-9276.

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Concrete Curing and Snow Melting

Don’t let cold weather slow you down. If you’re a concrete construction professional, you’ll love what the concrete curing mats can do for your business. Portable heated concrete curing blankets offer a manageable method for curing concrete in adverse weather conditions. Cold weather can significantly hold up construction projects because of prolonged concrete curing times. The heated curing blanket can cure concrete 2.8 times faster than a typical insulated blanket or tarp, and will properly maintain moisture throughout the hydrating process. These portable curing blankets are easy to use, and are designed to maintain ACI compliance for cold-weather concreting.

Snow Melting Mats

Keeping steps, sidewalks and pathways free of snow and ice during the winter can be challenging. Even after shoveling areas, thin sheets of ice can form, creating treacherous conditions. An effective solution to keeping steps and shaded walkways safe is to use Powerblanket heated snow melting mats. The portable heating mats are designed to deal with harsh winter weather, and can be left outside all winter long. The heated mats can even be custom made to fit any location, and will melt approximately 2 inches of snow per hour. Eliminate the need for shoveling and salting your walks, and prevent slips that could cause serious injury and lawsuits. Make your winters a little safer and more enjoyable by making these heated mats a part of your winter safety precautions.

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Barrel and Cylinder Warmers and Drum Heaters

The Powerblanket barrel heaters feature a durable vinyl covering and come in sizes to accommodate 5-gallon buckets up to 15, 30, and 55-gallon barrels. The barrel heater wraps around the barrel to quickly produce even, consistent heat. The industrial electric heating blankets all come with threshold control options for optimal results, protecting against over or under-heating materials. Unlike conventional and traditional insulated blankets and band heaters, Powerblanket has developed the best heat distribution solutions to heat barrels and drums evenly and consistently.

The barrel warmers and drum heaters offer a range of benefits, and help to preserve expensive materials and prevent product waste without overheating. The portable heating blankets are easily installed and removed, and work with both steel and poly drums. The warmers are also safety certified: ETL certified to UL and CSA safety standards.

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The Benefits of Powerblanket Portable Heating Solutions

Warmzone offers a wide variety of portable snow melting solutions. From large outdoor heating and snowmelt projects to simple pet heating and indoor needs, Powerblankets are built to withstand repeated use in harsh, rugged environments. The portable heating mats are available in a variety of convenient sizes to meet your specific space requirements. For more information about Warmzone's portable heating and snow melting solutions, call Warmzone today at 888-488-9276.

Powerblanket outdoor heating solutions
Heated wraps for pipes
Hot pocket for material handling and heated cylinder wrap

Powerblanket portable heating mats, tote boxes and barrel warmers

Portable Heating Solutions

Add Safety and Productivity to Your Winters

Installing heated snow melting mats around your home can help to eliminate dangerous icy pathways and steps. The rugged electric heating mats are built tough, so they're designed to withstand the harsh winter weather and can remain plugged in through the winter months. Call us today to learn more, at 888-488-9276.

What outdoor heating mat is best for me?

Portable Heating Mats Sizes / BTUH Output
Barrel and Drum Heaters 55-gallon; 30-gallon; 15-gallon
Bucket Heaters 5-gallon
Concrete Curing Blankets Various sizes
Tote Boxes and Carriers  
Cylinder Warmers  
Global Industrial Heating Blankets  
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