Snow Melting Systems for Heating Parking Areas and Ramps

Keeping parking areas clear of ice and snow during the winter months is a great way to enhance safety and minimize the possibility of slip-and-fall accidents. For homeowners, walking to the car every morning or taking out the garbage shouldn’t be an adventure in winter sports. For businesses, keeping parking areas and walks clear of snow and ice is essential. Not only does eliminating snow and ice enhance safety and reduce the chances of personal injuries, but clear parking areas and entryways are also more inviting to customers.

Warmzone® radiant snow melting systems are fully automated. If a snowstorm hits during the night, you can be sure that the parking areas and walks will be clear and dry when you arrive first thing in the morning. There’s no need to pay for manual snow removal services or have an employee show up early to shovel. The systems are efficient, reliable, and virtually maintenance free. For more information about heating parking areas, ramps, walkways, and more, call a radiant heat expert today at 888-488-9276.

Heated parking area and driveway

Snow Melting for Outdoor Parking

Snow melting systems can be custom designed for your specific parking area. Warmzone radiant heating systems can be installed in virtually all types of outdoor applications, including concrete, asphalt and brick or stone pavers. The systems can also be customized to best meet your budget needs.

Retrofitting Existing Parking Areas and Ramps

Ramps and outdoor parking areas can also be retrofitted with a snow melting system. Concrete, asphalt and a variety of brick and stone pavers can be updated with radiant heat. To heat existing concrete parking areas, saw cut technology is used. Channels are cut into the concrete at the recommended spacing and then ClearZone heating cable is placed in the channels. Epoxy is then applied to seal the cable. Sand can be added to the fresh epoxy to create better traction.

Heating existing asphalt is perhaps the easiest medium to retrofit with radiant heat. Heat cable is laid out over the area and then a new layer of asphalt is applied directly over the cable. Warmzone offers a special heating cable for hot asphalt applications. Heat cable can also be installed to heat existing brick or stone pavers. The cable is installed in the sand bed and covered. The pavers are then placed back into position.

Industry Leading Components and Customer Services

Warmzone snow melting systems feature the most advanced system components and comprehensive customer support services in the industry. The fully automated snowmelt systems utilize an activation device (snow sensor), a heating element (ClearZone heat cable), and a controller or contactor panel. The aerial-mount is a compact, durable device that can detect temperature and precipitation. If precipitation is detected and the temperature is below the adjustable set point (typically set at 39°F), the sensor will signal the contactor panel (which is usually mounted on a wall in the garage). Power is then sent to the embedded heat cable to warm the driveway or parking area and prevent snow accumulation. (A pavement-mount sensor is also available.)

Warmzone combines these state-of-the-art components with the industry’s leading customer services. Warmzone includes professional system design services. The system design features a detailed layout of the heating element and components, as well as all the electrical information needed, such as the proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and so on.

Free installation training is also included. The training courses can be completed in less than an hour, but your instructor will cover all the information necessary for your install. The course(s) can be attended in person or online via Webex. You instructor will include photos and illustrations, and you are free to stop and ask questions at any time. This valuable service helps to ensure that the installation in performed correctly and the customer is satisfied. Installation support is also included, so if you encounter an issue or have a question during the install, you can speak with an experienced pro who will guide you through the issue at hand. Warmzone is committed to being a customer service leader, and will be available to you to help ensure that your installation goes smoothly. For more details about our services or products, please call us today at 888-488-9276.