Roof De-icing and Gutter Trace Systems

Warmzone® offers a variety of industry-leading roof heating and gutter heat trace solutions to enhance safety and protect residential and commercial structures from snow and ice damage. The roof de-icing systems range from comprehensive, fully automated roof and gutter heating to simple constant wattage heat cable that can be triggered manually to eliminate snow and ice from trouble spots on roofs. Warmzone's proven roof heating solutions ensure that you'll find the system that is best suited for your specific roof de-icing needs.

The most popular and effective roof heating solutions include the use of self-regulating heat cable or the low-voltage RoofHeat™ STEP® system. To keep roof eaves, valleys, gutters and downspouts free of snow and ice, these systems can also be combined. Self-regulating heat cable can be routed through gutters and downspouts, as well as installed in a zigzag pattern along the roof eaves. This provides channels for runoff, thereby helping to prevent ice dams from forming. The popular low-voltage roof heating system utilizes thin polymer heating elements that can be installed discreetly under roof shingles (or metal roofs) to effectively prevent buildup of snow and ice. This advanced roof de-icing system has proven effective in homes and businesses throughout the country.

When it comes to winter roof damage, the most common culprit that not only can damage your roof, but lead to costly water damage inside the home, is the ice dam. These ridges of ice tend to form along the roof eaves as runoff (caused by attic heat melting snow on the roof) trickles down the roof where it reaches the colder eaves and refreezes. Eventually, a ridge of ice forms, causing pools of water to back up behind the ice. During the days and nights, it repeatedly freezes and thaws. Water from these pools can seep into the tiniest cracks and imperfections in the roof, and when it refreezes and expands it can damage the roof over time. The ideal solution is to install low-voltage RoofHeat STEP under the shingles (or metal) to keep the entire roof edge free of snow and ice. However, runs of self-regulating heat cable can also be installed to provide channels for the runoff, allowing it to reach the roof gutters and downspouts.

Warmzone roof de-icing and gutter snowmelt systems have been in use for decades to prevent hazardous ice dams and icicles from forming on roofs. Over the years, Warmzone has refined and developed these proven de-icing systems. The systems are easy to customize in order to best meet your unique roof heating demands. Roof eaves can also be cleared of snow and ice using Warmzone's attractive RoofHeat Panels. These systems utilize self-regulating heat cable that is channeled through durable aluminum panels for maximum heat transfer (available in a variety of colors). Call a roof de-icing expert today to learn more about the many roof heating options that are available, at 888-488-9276.

Roof De-icing Options


Roof de-icing panel for snow free roof edges and valleys









Roof de-icing with heated valleys and eaves

Protect Your Home and Enhance Safety

Warmzone roof heating systems are very versatile. There are several roof de-icing options that can be easily customized to provide snow and ice melting for just about any type of roof and configuration. While electric roof de-icing systems are by far the popular choice, it is possible to install a hydronic roof heating system as well. Warmzone radiant heat experts will work with you to evaluate your project and challenges. We understand that some systems will serve your needs better than others, so after careful evalutaion, we'll recommend the optimum roof de-icing solution for you.

Roof de-icing systems are based on cost, performance and aesthetics. We not only consider your snow melting needs, but we also work around your budget to maximize your investment for the best possible roof de-icing solution. (A large assortment of proven roof heating options are available from Warmzone. Call a radiant heating expert at 888-488-9276 to learn more and determine which roof de-icing system is best for your needs.)

Homeowners are typically most concerned about ice dams. A ridge of ice forms at the edge or valley of a roof and prevents the melting snow behind it from draining properly. The water backs up behind the dam where it freezes and melts again. Eventually water can seep through a compromised part of the roof, causing damage to ceilings, walls, floors and eventually result in mold and mildew growth.

Warmzone Roof De-icing Solutions

Warmzone roof heating systems can eliminate ice damming and prevent the need for costly repairs. A variety of the industry's most trusted roof de-icing systems are available from Warmzone. Our roof heating experts will help you to find the optimal solution for melting snow and ice from roof eaves, valleys, and even entire roofs. Thin heating elements can be discreetly installed under the shingles and help to protect your home during the harsh winter months. Included with each premier roof de-icing system are Warmzone's unmatched customer services that include free installation training, technical support, and professional system design and layout.

Warmzone is also the exclusive U.S. distributor of the RoofHeat STEP roof de-icing system. This innovative roof heating system is a proven roof de-icing solution that has become THE premier roof de-icing system on the market. The advanced system features a thin, self-regulating, low-voltage, semi-conductive polyethylene heating element that can be used in a number of radiant heating applications.

Roof heating systems can be installed in new construction and in the remodeling of existing roofs. Warmzone roof heating systems are fully automated. The systems utilize automatic sensors that activate the system only when necessary. Warmzone roof de-icing and radiant gutter trace systems have been installed in most cold regions throughout Northern America and are still the most effective and discreet for providing reliable roof de-icing.

Roof de-icing with heated valleys and eaves

Warmzone Gutter and Heat Trace Cable

The most effective snow and ice melting solution for roof gutters and downspouts is Warmzone's self-regulating gutter heating cable. The durable heat cable features advanced technology that results in safe, effective, energy-efficient operation. The self-regulating feature of the cable consists of an irradiated conductive core that increases the heat output as the temperature falls and decreases the output when the temperature rises, resulting in energy-efficient operation. The heating element also features top materials and workmanship for unmatched durability.

The roof gutter heating cable features a 100-percent tinned copper braid, fluoropolymer outer jacket and a continuous metal ground band. The roof heating cable is UL recognized under the Appliance Wire Classification (file E 76498) and meets the requirements of Section 426 of the National Electric Code (NEC).

The certifications and requirements achieved by the roof heating cable ensure top performance and rugged durability during the most extreme winter weather. The snow melting cable also features a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

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To receive a free estimate for a radiant heat snow melting system, please visit our Quote Request page and fill out the information requested. We will provide you with a timely, accurate estimate and a variety of options and recommendations, tailored specifically for your project. To ensure that you receive a detailed, accurate estimate, email or fax us a plan (or drawing) of the area to be heated. We look forward to providing you with the optimum radiant heat system that meets all your needs while staying mindful of your budget.

Email us or fax us (801.948.7599) a plan or sketch of your roof, and we will be happy to provide you with some options that are specific to your needs. We will also include expert recommendations and a pricing estimate that is as accurate as possible. For any type of radiant heating project, please visit our a FREE quote page and submit your information.

Warmzone is committed to helping you find the ideal solution for your roof de-icing needs. With each system, we include complete design services that address all the specifics of the system so you'll know all the power requirements and performance expectations of your custom roof heating system prior to any installation taking place.

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