Radiant Heat Snow Melting Systems for Asphalt

Whether you're installing a new asphalt driveway or repaving an existing one, Warmzone offers industry-leading snow melting systems for installation in hot asphalt applications. Designed to withstand the extreme temperatures of asphalt installation, Warmzone’s ClearZone heat cable for asphalt is the cable of choice for heating asphalt driveways and walks. ClearZone heat cable for asphalt is available in easy-to-install mats, and can also be custom ordered on spools. The snow melting mats feature pre-spaced heat cable that can be easily rolled out for quick installation. The cable is laid out over the area to be heated and hot asphalt can be hand shoveled over the cable. The cable is rated for a temperature of 464°F (240°C) for up to 10 minutes. Warmzone® asphalt snow melting systems also include unparalleled customer services, including professional system design and layout specifying the correct materials, proper load calculations, breaker sizes, and number of breakers, etc. Free installation training and installation support are also included.

Other snow melting options include hydronic snow melting systems as well as portable heated traction mats. These durable mats can be placed in troublesome areas to eliminate slick ice and snow for added safety. The durable portable snow melting mats feature chevron tread and are a cost-effective alternative to installing an embedded radiant heat system. WarmTrax heated traction mats are available in a variety of sizes, including heated step mats for outdoor stairs. To learn more about your options for heating asphalt, call us today at 888-488-9276.


Installing a heated asphalt driveway

Snow Melting Layout Options

Electric snow melting systems are easy to customize, so the systems can be tailored to meet your specific snow melting needs as well as your budget. Some popular options for heating asphalt driveways include heating the entire driveway surface, heating two 24-inch wide tire tracks, heating an 8-foot wide strip up the middle, or installing ClearZone asphalt heating cable in specific areas, such as driveway inclines or areas that are typically shaded. The options of these flexible systems are virtually unlimited.

Industry Leading Customer Support Services

Warmzone electric snow melting systems are fully automated and maintenance free. Each system is backed by Warmzone’s industry leading customer support services, including free installation training and technical support. Training courses usually take less than an hour, but the installer can proceed as his or her own pace and stop to ask the instructor questions at any time. With Warmzone’s technical support installers can speak with a radiant heat expert to address any questions or concerns during the installation. Also, Warmzone’s professional design staff provides a detailed system layout that includes all the specs and electrical information necessary, such as proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and so on.

Electric Radiant Snow Melting Cable and Premier Components

Warmzone’s ClearZone asphalt heating cable is an industry leader, trusted for decades by construction professionals throughout Northern America. In addition to the rugged CZ heating cable, the fully automated snow melting systems also consist of the industry’s most advanced components. Automated snow melting systems rely on either an aerial-mount or pavement-mount snow sensor. Temperature and precipitation can be detected, so when weather conditions warrant, the system activates, warming the driveway and preventing snow buildup. The “afterrun” function allows the system to remain on for a short time after the storm to dry the area and prevent ice from forming. While the snow melting system is fully automated, it can also be activated manually. This allows homeowners to melt patches of ice that may have formed from runoff that froze in a shaded area or deal with snow that has blown onto the driveway.

For more details about electric, hydronic, or portable snow melting options for heating asphalt, call a friendly Warmzone representative today. We’re happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. We also have an extensive online information resource center, complete with product literature, installation manuals, and instructional “how to” videos. Call us today 888-488-9276 to learn more.