Portable Snow Melting and Heated Traction Mats

The WarmTrax® portable snow melting mats and heated stair treads are excellent alternatives to using salt and other corrosive chemicals, or labor-intensive snow removal methods. The durable portable snow melting mats feature chevron tread for traction, and provide a cost-effective alternative to installing an embedded radiant snow melting system. Heat sidewalks, patios, outdoor steps, and more with the durable, multi-purpose heating mats.

For more information about WarmTrax portable snow melting and heated traction mats, call 888-488-9276 today.

Heated Traction Mats

WarmTrax® portable traction mats and heated stair treads are a great alternative to embedded snow removal systems for heating walkways, ramps, and stairs. Available in aluminum or rubber, these convenient snow melting solutions are a popular means of enhancing safety, and the systems are very easy to use.

WarmTrax stair treads can be used to melt ice from stairways. The rubber and aluminum treads can be daisy-chained together to cover as many steps as needed.

Portable Snow Melting Traction Mats for Sidewalks

The WarmTrax portable snow melting mat is a great solution for melting snow on disability ramps, steps, sidewalks, and porches, etc. WarmTrax heated mats also provide a reliable solution for slip prevention, keeping surfaces safe and free from slick ice. The mats are designed with a continuous chevron pattern to provide extra traction.

Aluminum and Rubber Snow Melting Mats for Stair Treads

WarmTrax Stair Treads are available in flexible rubber mats as well as sturdy aluminum for heavily trafficked areas. The stair treads can be daisy-chained together to cover however many steps you need.

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Superior Design and Construction

The WarmTrax products are made of the highest quality materials so they can withstand harsh weather and repeated use. The heated traction mats are constructed with a durable heating element that is sandwiched between two protective surfaces of rugged non-slip rubber, making them as durable as automobile tires. The portable snow melting mats can be rolled out and plugged in, making them convenient and easy to use.

WarmTrax mats and stair treads plug directly into any standard 120V or 240V outlet using its own equipment leakage circuit interrupter (ELCI).

WarmTrax Snow Melting and Portable Heating Mats

Warmzone® offers a wide variety of portable snow melting solutions. Mats can be purchased to heat two tire tracks in driveways or to heat porches, patios, steps, sidewalks, and more. For more information about Warmzone's portable heated traction mats and snow melting solutions, call Warmzone today at 888.488.9276.

WarmTrax heated traction mat for outdoor heating solutions
Heated traction mat and heated mats for outdoor stairs
Heated traction mat being used for ramp entry to business

Portable heating stair treads

Add Safety to Your Home or Business

Portable Heated Traction Mats

Installing heated snow melting mats around your home can help to eliminate dangerous icy pathways and steps. The rugged electric heating mats are built tough, so they're designed to withstand the harsh winter weather and can remain plugged in through the winter months. Call us today to learn more, at 888-488-9276.

What outdoor heating mat is best for me?

Portable Heating Mats Sizes / 120V Power
WTM24-5 24" x 5ft, 120V
WTM24-10 24" x 10ft, 120V
WTM24-15 24" x 15ft, 120V
WTM24-20 24" x 20ft, 120V
36" x 5ft, 120V
36" x 10ft, 120V
36" x 15ft, 120V
48" x 6ft, 120V
48" x 10ft, 120V
Portable Heating Mats Sizes / 240V Power
WTM24-5B 24" x 5ft, 240V
WTM24-10B 24" x 10ft, 240V
WTM24-15B 24" x 15ft, 240V
WTM24-20B 24" x 20ft, 240V
36" x 5ft, 240V
36" x 10ft, 240V