Heating Hardwood Floors

Designed as the ultimate floor heating system for engineered hardwood floors, Warmzone’s FilmHeat™ in-floor heating system is one of the best values for installing radiant heat under floating floors. The FilmHeat radiant heating system features a paper-thin heating element that is installed directly under the floating floor. The floor heating system requires no mortar or thinset and results in no floor buildup. Thin low-voltage FloorHeat STEP heating elements are also ideal for heating hardwood floors. The system features thin self-regulating polymer heating elements that efficiently provide even, comfortable warmth to hardwood floors.

Warmzone® also offers a similar floor heating element that can be installed to heat existing floors. The RetroHeat® floor heating element is stapled up between the floor joists, and batt insulation is then applied under the heating element to direct all the heat upward to effectively warm the floor. If you can access the floor joists from below, the RetroHeat system may be your ideal, affordable solution for heating an existing hardwood floor.

Warmzone’s industry leading ComfortTile® floor heating system is one of the most popular and proven radiant floor heating solutions. Compatible with all standard sub-flooring materials, the trusted ComfortTile floor heating system offers premium performance and versatility, and is typically used with self-leveler to heat floating floors.

Options for Heating Hardwood Floors

FilmHeat floor heating systems for hardwood floors
RetroHeat floor heating for warming hardwood and existing floors
FoilHeat floor heating systems for hardwood floors
Low-voltage FloorHeat STEP floor heating system
Hydronic floor heating systems for warming floating hardwood floors
Heat hardwood floors with ComfortTile and the Prodeso floor heating membrane

Why Install Radiant Floor Heating?

Easy to install radiant heat icon
Easy to Install

Warmzone hardwood floor heating systems are designed for optimum performance and ease of installation.

Affordable radiant heat icon

Most systems are inexpensive to run and require no regular maintenance.

Easy to use thermostat icon
Easy-to-Use Thermostats

The secret to any great heating system is efficiency and great control.

Efficient radiant heat icon
Saves Energy

Radiant heat has higher levels of energy efficiency than most traditional systems.

Maintenance free radiant heat icon

Warmzone systems have ground fault protection, and safely provide comfortable warmth.

Cleaner heating environment icon
Clean Heating Environment

Doesn't circulate pollen, dust or other allergens like forced-air systems.

Why Choose Warmzone?

In addition to our vast selection of premier quality floor heating systems, Warmzone's customer services are unparalleled. Each industry leading radiant heat system is backed by unprecedented customer support services, including free installation training, professional system design, installation support and more.

Because Warmzone carries a wide range of floor heating systems, we are able to match customers with the ideal system for their specific needs. Unlike other providers who only carry one or two systems, and therefore try a "one size fits all" approach, Warmzone designers will work with you to determine the system that best meets your heating needs as well as your budget.

Warm floating engineered wood floor in livingroom
Warmzone radiant heat check points
Free Installation Training

Warmzone includes free installation training with an instructor that can be scheduled at your convenience.

Installation Support

Radiant heat experts are available to field your calls and assist you during your installation.

Professional System Design

Professional system designers provide a detailed layout of your floor heating system.

Easy-to-use Thermostats

Warmzone floor heating thermostats feature superior performance and an easy-to-use interface.

Fast Shipping & Simple Returns

In keeping with our commitment to consistently offer industry leading customer service, we provide fast shipping and simple returns.