Gutter De-icing Solutions

In cold weather climates, roofs, gutters and downspouts can be at risk from extreme conditions caused by heavy snow and ice. The repeated freezing and thawing of water can eventually threaten the integrity of some roofs, and the weight of the ice can burden the roof gutters and downspouts. Radiant roof de-icing and gutter heat trace systems have proven extremely effective in preventing the problems caused by heavy snow and ice that can accumulate on roofs and in gutters and downspouts.

Self-regulating heat trace cables can be installed to keep trouble spots on your roof clear of ice buildup and facilitate proper drainage for the runoff. Installing self-regulating heat trace cable is an affordable way to keep your gutters, eaves, and roof valleys free of snow and ice dams. Each roof de-icing system can be easily customized to meet the specific demands of your budget as well as the unique layout and snow melting needs of your roof.

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Self-regulating Heat Cable

To best remove snow and ice from roof gutters, downspouts and edges, Warmzone's durable self-regulating heat cable is one of the most recommended roof heating solutions available.

Warmzone® offers a variety of radiant roof heating cable that is effective for de-icing roofs, gutters and drainpipes. The self-regulating cable is capable of keeping homes and businesses safe from costly ice and water damage, frost erosion, and dangerous falling ice.

Features and Benefits:

 Fully Automated

Self-regulating roof gutter heat trace cable

 Maintenance Free

 Affordable De-icing Solution

 Energy Efficient

 Versatile / Easy to Customize

 10-year Manufacturer Warranty

Home in need of roof gutter heating system and aerial sensor with cable

How Gutter Heat Trace Systems Work

Warmzone roof heating systems are controlled by automatic sensors that detect temperature and precipitation to activate the snow melting system when necessary. Systems can also be installed to activate solely according to the temperature. A variety of roof heating options is available, and each system can be customized to meet the specific of layout your roof as well as your budget.

To keep gutters and downspouts free of ice buildup, self-regulating heat cable is routed through the areas to be heated. An advanced snow sensor is typically installed to trigger the system; however, customers have several options when it comes to system components and controls.

The WS-8C aerial-mount device with remote sensor is the most common activation device for self-regulating roof de-icing cable systems. The sealed, low voltage, remote-mount precipitation sensor allows the user to install the small sensor head in a downspout, the bottom of a gutter, or at the end of an antenna boom, up to 10-feet away from the main controller, which can be kept in a more convenient and/or protected location.

Roof Gutter Heat Trace Options

Self-regulating heat trace cable for roof de-icing applications
Low-voltage roof de-icing for heating roof gutters
Constant wattage heat trace cable for roof de-icing
Self-regulating heat trace cable with power plug for roof heating applications
Self-regulating Heat Cable

Warmzone's self-regulating heat tracing cable features advanced technology that results in highly effective, energy-efficient operation. The self-regulating gutter heat tracing cable is a popular, affordable solution that can be installed to melt ice in trouble spots on your roof and facilitate proper drainage. Keep gutters, roof edges and valleys safe and clear of snow and ice with Warmzone's self-regulating roof heating cable.

Low-voltage De-icing

Warmzone's low-voltage roof and gutter de-icing system is one of the most recommended roof heating systems on the market today. The system features a thin, semi-conductive polymer heating element that is available in a variety of widths. The versatile heating element can be discreetly secured under shingle and metal roofs, as well as in gutters and valleys to prevent ice dams and facilitate runoff.

Constant Wattage Heat Cable

The constant wattage heat cable gives homeowners an affordable, easy-to-use roof de-icing solution for quick and easy installation. Designed for use when you want consistent heat to eliminate trouble spots in your gutters, downspouts or roof edges, the constant wattage heat trace cable comes pre-assembled and ready to install. The heating cable can keep runoff flowing in temperatures as cold as -40°F (-40°C).

Pre-terminated Self-reg

Warmzone pre-terminated self-regulating heat cable is another outstanding, affordable roof de-icing option that is designed for quick installation and energy-efficient operation. The pre-assembled ‘plug and play’ kits come with the option of a 6-foot standard power plug or a power plug with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). The pre-terminated 120-volt self-regulating heat cable is available in 50, 75, 100, and 150-foot lengths.

Why Install a Roof Ice Melting System?

Easy to install roof heating systems
Easy to Install

Warmzone roof de-icing systems can be installed easily and discreetly under shingles.

Affordable, maintenance-free roof de-icing
Affordable & Maintenance Free

Most systems are inexpensive to run and require no regular maintenance.

Easy to use, state-of-the-art controls
User friendly controls

Warmzone roof de-icing system controls feature the most advanced in the industry.

Energy efficient roof de-icing
Saves Energy

Radiant heat has higher levels of energy efficiency than most traditional systems.

Safe systems for roof de-icing

Warmzone offers low-voltage and line voltage systems to safely prevent snow and ice builup.

Roof de-icing protection icon
Protects the Roof

By eliminating ice dams water is prevented from pooling on the roof and causing damage.

Self-regulating roof heating cable installed along roof edges

Why Choose Warmzone?

Warmzone roof heating systems can be customized to accommodate just about any type of roof and configuration. Warmzone roof and gutter heating cable may also be combined with other proven Warmzone de-icing systems to create an optimal roof heating solution. Warmzone designers carefully evaluate each project without assuming that one system will be the optimal solution. Together, with Warmzone’s design team, a customized roof de-icing system can be created to accommodate your specific snow melting needs while respecting your budget.

Free Installation Training

Warmzone includes free installation training with an experienced radiant heat instructor.

Installation Support

Warmzone maintains a staff of radiant heat experts who are available to field your calls and assist you during your installation.

Professional System Design

Professional system designers provide a detailed layout of your roof heating or gutter de-icing system. Layouts also contain all the necessary electrical information.

Superior Components

Warmzone heating elements (both low-voltage and line-voltage) and system components are among the most advanced and trusted in the industry, ensuring superior performance.

Fast Shipping & Simple Returns

We understand how important time and timing are, which is why we provide fast shipping and easy returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-regulating heat cable is especially attractive to those on a tight budget, and can be easily installed to heat specific areas, making it ideal for heating tight, problem areas on your roof or in gutters.

Installing self-regulating heat cable is the most affordable way to deal with ice dams. The cable won't melt snow on the entire eave, but it will create a path to facilitate runoff and help prevent ice dams from forming.

Warmzone system designers can create a roof de-icing system that utilizes the best of both worlds. Self-regulating heat cable can be used to keep gutters and downspouts clear of snow and ice, while the low-voltage RoofHeat STEP system can be installed under the shingles to keep the roof eaves free of snow buildup.

Melting snow with cables on roofs is sometimes the only available solution for existing roofs. Our self-regulating ice melting cables are durable, high quality products that can be installed to minimize roof ice dams from forming and help prevent damage caused by snow and ice. Gutter heat trace cables are the ideal solutions for preventing dangerous and damaging icicles from forming.

However, if you are looking to keep entire roof eaves clear of snow and ice, the low-voltage RoofHeat STEP system is most recommended system. Roof heating cables can also be used in conjunction with other roof de-icing systems. Both systems are activated by an automatic sensor that triggers the system only when conditions warrant.

The cost to operate your system will depend on two different variables:
1.) The wattage of the system you’ve installed.
2.) The cost of electricity in your area. For more detailed information, call a friendly roof heating expert at 888-488-9276.

Heated roof with clear edges and gutters

  A heated roof with snow and ice free edges, gutters and downspouts.