Snow Melting Systems for Heating Concrete

Imagine waking up in the morning and sipping your hot coffee as you look out across a fresh blanket of snow, yet your driveway is completely free of the white stuff. With an automated snow melting system you can swap your gloves and snow shovel for slippers and a hot cup of coffee. The days of waking up early to shovel snow after a winter storm are over.

Warmzone® offers ClearZone® heating cable off the spool and in mats for heating concrete driveways, sidewalks, ramps, and more. ClearZone heating cable is laid out over the area to be heated and secured to the remesh with zip ties, and then the concrete is poured. The snow melting systems are relatively easy to install, and are fully automated and maintenance free. Warmzone radiant snow melting systems are commonly used for residential and commercial snow melting applications, and can be easily customized to meet your specific driveway layout as well as your budget.

Hydronic (water-based) snow melting systems can also be installed in concrete. The installation of these systems is considerably more complex than electric systems; however, because hydronic systems can use natural gas or oil, the operating costs may be slightly lower than those of electric systems. Another affordable option for keeping troublesome areas clear of snow during the winter months is to use portable heated traction mats. WarmTrax® mats come in a variety of sizes, and can even be used to heat outdoor steps. Call Warmzone today for more information, at 888-488-9276.

Heated concrete driveway with heated tire tracks

Custom Options for Heating Concrete

The ClearZone driveway heating system features durable heat cable, available individually or pre-spaced in easy-to-install mats. The heating cable is spread out over the area to be heated and zip ties are typically used to secure the cable to the remesh. Concrete is then poured so that the cable is about 2-4 inches from the surface of the driveway. The snow melting systems also utilize an activation device (snow sensor) and contactor panel to trigger the automated system.

Heated driveways, walks, ramps, etc., can be easily customized. The ClearZone heat cable can be laid out in custom configurations to address your specific snow melting needs. Instead of heating an entire driveway, many homeowners opt to install two 24-inch wide heated tire tracks. This can significantly reduce initial costs as well as operating costs in the future. Another option is to only heat an 8-foot wide strip in the middle of the driveway. Heat cable can also be installed to heat specific areas, such as areas that receive no sun or are located on an incline.

Warmzone snow melting systems also include industry leading customer services. Free installation training is provided as well as installation support and professional system design and layout. These layouts are the road map for a successful installation and contain all the electrical information necessary for your electrician and installers. For more information, please call us today at 888-488-9276.

Snow Melting System Options, Components, and Customer Services

The electric, hydronic, and portable snow melting systems are all viable options for homeowners and businesses, depending on your needs and budget. ClearZone systems are by far the most popular solution; however, hydronic heated driveway systems are not uncommon. Both of these embedded systems can be installed in a variety of mediums and applications, including concrete, asphalt and brick or stone pavers. By calling and speaking with a radiant heat expert, you may be able to determine what system is best for you.

The key to owning a reliable snow melting system is making sure it is installed properly. With this in mind, Warmzone offers the most comprehensive installation and customer support services in the industry. These services include free installation training, technical support, and professional system design.

The free training is provided with an instructor, and installers can attend the course at the Warmzone headquarters or online, via Webex. The training can be completed in under an hour, but the installer can stop and ask the instructor questions at any time. All aspects of the installation are covered, complete with photos and illustrations, by an experienced radiant heat system designer and electrical expert. Warmzone also maintains a staff of support specialists who are on hand to field your calls during the installation. If you have any questions or concerns, you can speak with an expert who can walk you through the issue and help ensure a quick and proper install. The system layouts not only include the proper layout of the heating cable and system components, but include all the electrical information necessary for your electrician, such as proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and so on. Warmzone is committed to its customers, and will stand by them throughout the installation process.

ClearZone snow melting systems also feature the industry’s most advanced and proven components. These driveway heating components include aerial-mount snow sensors, in-ground (pavement-mount) sensors, contactor panels and compact, NEMA 1, wall-mounted control units. For more information about electric, hydronic or portable snow melting options, call a friendly radiant heat expert today at 888-488-9276.