Floor Heating Systems for Carpet

Imagine the luxurious comfort of warm carpet in your home. Yes, you can heat your carpeted floors. Warmzone® carries several proven radiant floor heating systems designed to effectively warm carpeted floors.

Warmzone recommends several floor heating options for warming carpeted rooms, depending on your needs and preferences. FoilHeat™ heating mat systems are just one trusted option offered by Warmzone for installing radiant heat under carpet. The system features thin fluoropolymer insulated heating cables, sandwiched between two layers of specially reinforced aluminum foil. Hydronic floor heating systems can also be installed to effectively heat carpeted floors. Low-voltage FloorHeat STEP® is also a proven option for heating carpeted rooms.

If you can access the floor joists from below, the RetroHeat® floor heating system can be used to effectively warm the floor. The thin heating element is stapled up between the floor joists and then insulation is placed under the heating element, directing all the heat upward to heat the floor. The low-voltage FloorHeat STEP system can also be used to retrofit floors with radiant heat. Like the RetroHeat system, the thin heating elements are stapled up between the floor joists.

Warmzone carries one of the largest selections of floor heating systems in the industry, so customers can be assured of being matched with the system that is best for their unique heating needs and budget. Each system can also be customized to further meet your specific demands. While several radiant heat systems are capable of heating carpeted floors, it is best to consult with a radiant floor heating expert to determine the ideal system for your home or business. Call a radiant heat professional today to learn more about the options that are available, at 888-488-9276.

Gallery of Heated Carpet Floors

Heated carpet floor with cutout showing radiant heat
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Why Install Radiant Floor Heat Under Carpet?

Easy to install radiant heat icon
Easy to Install

Whether you’re using cable off the spool or pre-spaced in mats, we've made installation as simple as possible.

Affordable radiant heat icon

Radiant heat is extremely efficient and inexpensive to run, and the systems require no regular maintenance.

Easy to use thermostats icon
Easy-to-Use Thermostats

The secret to any great radiant heated floor system is precise, easy-to-use control.

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Saves Energy

Radiant heat has a higher level of energy efficiency than any traditional heating technology.

Maintenance free radiant heat icon

Warmzone systems have ground fault protection and safely provide comfortable warmth.

Cleaner environment icon
Clean Heating Environment

Radiant heat operates silently and doesn't circulate pollen, dust or other allergens like forced-air systems.

Why Choose Warmzone?

Warmzone offers one of the largest selections of radiant floor heating systems around, and each one of these industry leading solutions is backed with the best customer service in the industry. Warmzone's products include the most trusted, proven and advanced components available.

The Warmzone floor heating system thermostats are specifically designed to control electric radiant floor heating systems for maximum comfort and minimum power consumption. Developed for the modern home, the touch screen programmable thermostat features a large back-lit display and simple user interface. By installing a radiant floor warming system, you turn a small investment into real cost-savings, not to mention increasing the value of your home. With radiant heated floors, you can lower room temperatures by a few degrees yet still enjoy the same level of comfort as a room with higher temperatures that doesn't have a floor warming system.

Heated carpet floor showing radiant heat system underneath
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