Installing a concrete heated patio

Heated Patios, Porches and Sidewalks

Patios and porches don't have to remain buried by blankets of snow or sheets of ice during the winter months. Rather than ignoring some of your home's "showcase features" several months each year, enjoy them year-round by installing a radiant snow melting system. Outdoor radiant heating systems not only eliminate the need for manual snow removal, but can enhance your home’s style and ensure greater safety as well, keeping trafficked areas clear of snow and ice so they’re safe for guests and residents alike.

The flexibility of an electric snow melting system is unique in that it allows designers to create systems according to the specific demands of each customer. The systems can be easily customized for heating porches, patios, sidewalks, and more – in a variety of mediums, ranging from concrete to asphalt and brick or stone pavers. Patios can also be retrofitted with ClearZone® radiant heating cable. Snow melting systems can be tailored to accommodate your layout and your budget. Warmzone® designers are experienced pros who have designed systems for just about every application imaginable. Start enjoying the winter mornings by putting a hot cup of coffee in your hands instead of a cold snow shovel.

Automated Snow Melting Systems for Heating Patios

Heated patio areas and walk ways during a snowstorm

Custom Snow Melting Systems

In addition to offering industry leading snow melting systems and components, Warmzone also includes professional system design services. Warmzone radiant heating system designers are experienced pros who have designed radiant heating systems for years, and they'll work closely with you to determine the most effective and efficient snow melting solution for your specific needs. Heated patios, porches and sidewalks are easily tailored not only to meet your snow melting needs, but to accommodate your budget as well.

Like heated driveways and floors, heated patios and porches are fully automated and maintenance free. The systems consist of the embedded heating element, an advanced snow sensor (activation device), and a controller or contactor panel. The snow sensor detects temperature and precipitation. When conditions warrant, the sensor signals the controller, activating the system and keeping patios and outdoor areas clear of snow and ice ‘round the clock. The system can also be activated manually if needed.

Warmzone Snow Melting Systems

Once your patio is completed, it’s ready to be used. Just add snow! Make sure to monitor your system and control throughout the first couple of snowfalls to see if any adjustments are needed. The system can also be activated manually if you need.

Radiant heat snow melting system time lapse video
Installation of a heated patio

Benefits of Installing an Electric Snow Melting System

Top Performance

The ClearZone snow melting system features a fast response time and melts snow and ice on almost any surface quickly and effeciently.

Fully Automated

ClearZone snow melting systems are fully automated. An advanced sensor triggers the system so it operates only when weather conditions warrant.

Maintenance Free

Warmzone electric snow melting systems have NO moving parts, making them reliable, easy to install, and virtually maintenance free.

Energy Efficient

Warmzone's snow melting systems are among the most efficient systems available, with 99 percent of all energy going to snow melting.

Environmentally Friendly

Radiant snow melting systems eliminate the need for corrosive salt and snow melting chemicals that damage nearby grass and vegetation.

Wise Investment

Radiant snow melting systems are built to last, and can significantly increase the value of your property.