Snow Melting Systems for Heating Outdoor Stairs

Outdoor stairs can be downright treacherous during the snowy winter months. When they’re not packed with snow they are often covered with a thin, nearly invisible sheet of ice. Too often we discover the clear sheet of ice only after we’re on the ground. Needless to say, the freezing weather makes negotiating these areas dangerous. Fortunately, radiant snow melting systems can be easily installed to heat outdoor steps and keep them clear and dry of ice and snow.

The system of choice for keeping outdoor steps ice-free is the ClearZone® snow melting system. ClearZone heat cable is extremely durable and versatile, and is used for a variety of radiant heating applications. The cable is run near the bullnose edge of the step and followed by several more “runs” along the step. The cable can then be run to the next step and laid out in a similar fashion. The automated system activates only when snow falls, and a special "afterrun" feature allows the system to continue to operate for a short time after the storm to dry the steps so that ice does not form.

ClearZone heat cable features a copper metal sheath and fluoropolymer conductor insulation with a polyolefin outer sheath, and carries a 10-year warranty. For more information about heating outdoor steps and walkways, call a radiant heat expert today at 888-488-9276.

Heated outdoor steps

Custom Options for Heating Outdoor Stairs

Whether you’re heating outdoor stairs, sidewalks, driveways or ramps, radiant snow melting systems are fully automated and maintenance free. Warmzone® heated driveways and snow melting systems utilize the top components in the industry, including state-of-the-art activation devices (snow and temperature sensors) and advanced, compact control units and contactor panels. The automated systems also feature manual override capability, so if wind has blown snow onto your steps and/or ice has formed, you can activate the system manually to ensure the steps are safe and free of ice.

While hydronic snowmelt systems can be installed to heat outdoor steps, electric radiant heat is the most recommended solution. ClearZone electric snow melting systems are easy to customize and install. Regardless of the layout of your outdoor stairs the heat cable can easily be routed to ensure the steps are heated and free of ice during the winter. The system activates only when needed to provide reliable, cost-efficient snow melting when you need. Radiant snow melting systems can be installed to heat concrete, asphalt and paver steps. Each installation is carefully designed according to ASHRAE standards so that it is tailored specifically for winter weather in your area. Warmzone system designers also take your budget into account to ensure that you receive the best, most cost-effective system possible. We've been creating snow melting systems for decades, and we'll show you the different snow melting options that are available so you can get the ideal system and layout for your needs.

Customer Services and Installation Support

Installing radiant heat to provide snow melting for outdoor stairs is relatively easy. However, it is vital that the system be installed correctly to ensure years of reliable performance. To help ensure that systems are properly installed and customers are happy, Warmzone includes free installation training and technical installation support for every system. Your electrician and installers can take a training course in person at Warmzone's headquarters or online via Webex. The instructor covers every aspect of the installation, and the installer can interact and ask questions at any time. The training can be completed in less than an hour, but these courses can save time and money in the long run.

During the installation, if your installer has a question he/she can call Warmzone's support staff and talk with an expert to resolve the issue. At Warmzone we understand that offering the industry's most trusted heating elements and system components is only half of the solution. We set out to provide the best customer support services in the industry. Our professional system designers provide a detailed layout of the system that includes the precise layout of the heating element and system components, as well as all the electical information needed by your electrician. We've been doing this a long time, and we want to make the installation of your system as easy and seamless as possible. For more information about our radiant snow melting systems and unmatched customer services, please call us today at 888-488-9276.