RetroHeat floor heating system installed
Happy we Invested in Heated Floors!

RetroHeat® Floor Heating (Heated living room and dining room floors)

BETSY W. - Homeowner


I cannot recommend you, Warmzone and the product too highly. We would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks so much!

I just wanted to let you know how our living room/dining room retrofit with radiant under floor heat went. The RetroHeat system has been wonderful. Of course, we are out of the cold season now, but it totally changed the ambiance in our living room/dining room. The floor was warm and the room was warmer and we are so happy we made the investment in doing this. And it is not even our main source of heat, but it has been so inexpensive to operate and makes the living space so comfortable. Sincerely, your very satisfied and grateful customer.

Snow melting system installed in outdoor concrete steps.
The Heated Steps are Working Perfectly

ClearZone® Snow Melting System (Heated concrete steps)

DENNIS C. - Homeowner

LOCATION: Pennsylvania

Just a quick note to let you all know that the radiant heated concrete steps have performed perfectly.

We were able to turn on the system just about 24 hours before Philadelphia received its second largest snowfall on record — 23 inches! And, despite the enormous amount of snowfall, the stairs remained entirely clear. The day after the storm, the stairs were bone dry. I snapped a picture for you, and it is attached. As you can see, it’s kind of amazing that there could be that much snow and nothing on the sidewalk.

Thanks to everyone for your contribution to this successful installation.

ClearZone heated driveway installed
Warmzone Receives a 10+++ in my Book

ClearZone Snow Melting System (Heated driveway)

JOHN A. - Homeowner


I am most thankful for the extra mile you guys went to ensure the snow melting system was installed correctly and works properly.

On a scale of 1 to 10 regarding customer service/customer care, Warmzone receives 10+++ in my book!!! I truly look forward to working with you guys in the future.

Snow melting system installed in paver steps and heated walkway
Made my Life a Little Easier

ClearZone Snow Melting System (Heated paver steps)

MATT F. - Homeowner


Hey Bryan and other Wamrzone dudes.

I just wanted to send you this pic with my system finally installed and, of course, a decent snow. This is what I woke up to. Shoveling is for losers. Haha. I rule. Thanks to everyone at Warmzone for making my life a bit easier.

Snow melting system installed in driveway
Wife and I are Very Pleased

ClearZone Snow Melting System (Heated driveway)

DAN S. - Homeowner


This last summer, I installed the heating cables in my driveway. I have a north facing home and the sloped driveway does not see the sun in the winter.

This combination creates a slippery condition all winter long. I contracted out the concrete removal and pour. With the help of some friends, neighbors and my wife, we were able to layout all three cables in one day. One friend, helping install the cable, jokingly said “Your daughter won’t slip on ice now, but if she touches the ground she will get burned!” The first snowfall this winter was the test and the heated driveway has been ice/snow free all winter! The option to manually turn on the heat system has not been needed since the sensor works so well. My wife and I are very pleased with the results and feel much safer walking out side during the winter now!

Heated tire tracks in driveway
Heated Driveway is Doing its Job

ClearZone Snow Melting System (Heated tire tracks)

DENNIS S. - Homeowner

LOCATION: Calgary, Canada

This past weekend, we received over four inches of snow and temps -15 degrees C. That’s like Green Bay cold!

Anyway, as you can see, the heated driveway is doing its job. A lot of folks in our neighborhood stop by on their walks and have conversations about my driveway, or ask questions if I am outside.

I know that some think this would be extremely expensive to operate, but last month, with Christmas lights on every night, I saw only a $150 increase in my electrical bill. Also, we only have 2 or 3 months of significant snow in Calgary so it won’t break the bank, or my back (shoveling) and delivery people don’t have to crawl up the slope in fear of slipping!

Have a great day!

ClearZone driveway heating system
Warmzone did an Awesome Job

ClearZone Snow Melting System (Heated driveway)

SJM Tile and Masonry - Business


A big thanks to Warmzone.

Warmzone did an awesome job with our installation of a heated driveway at our customer's house. Nate is incredibly great to work with and we highly recommend you to all our clients. Our customer is extremely happy that he will not have to shovel his driveway this winter thanks to Warmzone.

Radiant heated floor
Extremely Pleased

ComfortTile® Floor Heating System

CHRISTOPHER B. - Homeowner


Only have a few pictures that I will forward to you. Everything went well. I’m extremely pleased with everything from Warmzone and your help, and your helpers.

Thank you again Bryan, and Warmzone. Sincerely, with friendship,