Installation Overviews

Please Refer to Your Installation Manual for Detailed Installation Instructions

As a courtesy to potential installers of radiant heating systems, Warmzone® offers general installation overviews for heated driveways, roof de-icing, and floor heating systems as well as information about our industry-leading customer services. Our support services include free installation training, professional system design, and technical installation support. These pages are for general overview purposes only and are not intended to supersede the instructions provided in the respective installation manuals and technical guides.

The following radiant heat system installation overviews are offered to provide consumers with general information regarding the installation of various radiant heat systems. You may also call and talk with a radiant heat expert at any time. Our consultants are happy to assist you and provide with information about the many options that are available - whether it's to heat your driveway, your floors, or your roof and gutters. Warmzone radiant heat system designers can customize your system so that it best meets your specific heating / snow melting requirements as well as your budget. When you work with Warmzone, you'll have access to the industry's best system design, training, and support services. For more detailed installation instructions, please refer to your existing product literature.

Please Refer to Your Installation Manual for Detailed Installation Instructions

Applications with General Installation Information
Install radiant heat snow melting system Gain a basic understanding of the components of a ClearZone heated driveway snow melting system and some general pre-installation tips. ClearZone cable is available on spools or pre-spaced in mats that can be easily rolled out for quick installation. (It is important that the cable is spaced properly and doesn't touch.)

Radiant snow melting systems are extremely versatile. In addition to concrete, the heat cable can also be installed in custom asphalt applications, mortar beds, pavers, thinset and more.

Install radiant heated driveway Most of the information on this page covers the basics of heat cable layout and installation for concrete heated driveways. Important tips for embedding the heat cable and power lead are provided as well as general cable layout techniques.

Some information for retrofitting driveways with radiant heat as well as installing in asphalt and under pavers is also provided. Existing driveways can be heated using saw-cut technology or the heat cable may be laid out and a fresh layer of asphalt can then be applied on top.

Electric radiant heated floor Learn the basics behind installing radiant heated floors. The 'Installing Heated Floors Overview' covers the techniques for installing ComfortTile® floor heating mats and how to make 90 degree and 180 degree turns. Additional installation tips include information on RetroHeat® floor heating systems and FilmHeat™ (which is an ideal solution for heating floating floors). While more detailed instructions are provided in the respective installation manuals, this page outlines the different installation techniques and types of heating elements used by each system. RetroHeat features a thin "film" heating panel that is stapled up between the floor joists while FoilHeat systems feature thin heat cable sandwiched between specially reinforced aluminum. The FilmHeat system uses a very similar heating element and is one of the most highly recommended solutions for heating floating floors.

Install heat trace cable and low-voltage roof de-icing system This page includes information about installing low-voltage RoofHeat™ STEP® de-icing systems. The information includes features of the advanced STEP roof heating system and general installation tips of the polymer heating panels. Some wiring information of Warmzone's low-voltage roof heating system is included, but it is important to have a qualified, licensed electrician perform all the wiring. RoofHeat STEP can be installed under typical roofing materials (such as shingles) as well as under metal roofs. The low-voltage system can also be complemented by installing self-regulating heat trace cable in the roof gutters and downspouts.

Install roof de-icing heat trace cable This page includes information about installing heat trace cable along roof edges as well as gutters. Learn the basics about installing self-regulating heat cable and how these cables are also used in aluminum roof heating panels. Installing self-regulating heat cable is an affordable, yet effective way to keep gutters and downspouts free of snow and ice buildup. View a roof heating system overview diagram and other helpful installation diagrams and tips. Links to roof heating product documentation and installation guides are also provided. This page shows the basics of roof heating panel systems and how the heat cable is placed in the channels of the aluminum panels.

Install low-voltage roof de-icing system This page includes information about installing Warmzone's popular low-voltage RoofHeat STEP de-icing systems. The information includes some general information about the low-voltage roof heating system and general guidelines for installing the semi-conductive polymer heating panels. Some wiring information of Warmzone's low-voltage system is included, but remember to have a qualified, licensed electrician perform all the wiring in order to ensure that the warranty remains valid. The low-voltage RoofHeat STEP heating elements can be installed under typical roofing materials (such as different types of shingles), as well as under metal (standing seam) roofs.

Install radiant heated driveway Proper installation of a radiant heat system is crucial. And while detailed instructions are provided in the system's installation manual, sometimes questions still arise, or the installer encounters an unusual situation. That's why Warmzone is one of the few - if not only - radiant heat providers that has a designated support staff on hand to assist installers during the installation process. If your installer has questions, he/she can call Warmzone and speak to an electrician or radiant heat expert to resolve any issues. Our system designers and support staff will walk installers through the installation process and continue to be available as the system is being installed.

Avoid costly installation mistakes Sometimes, learning what to do comes first from knowing what NOT to do. Check out our page on how to avoid making costly installation mistakes. We’re all human, and we all make mistakes, but some deserve a little more "recognition" than others - and some are so prodigious that they deserve special mention. In fact, some (like the picture shown) deserve to be in installer's “no-no” Hall of Fame.

Visit our “mistakes” web page and learn how to avoid some of the common mistakes when installing radiant heat. Perhaps the single most important thing you can do as an installer is take our free installation training class, and then apply that which you learn when installing the system.

Install radiant heated driveway Installing a radiant heat system is not particularly difficult; however, there are several issues that installers should be aware of in order to ensure a successful installation. The free installation training courses offered by Warmzone cover all the items and techniques necessary for installing snow melting solutions, heated floors, and roof deicing systems. This valuable training gives construction professionals the confidence to add radiant heat installation to their list of services and helps to ensure that customers are happy with their radiant heat system.

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