Roof De-icing Systems for Heating Membrane Roofs

Membrane roofing offers several advantages over asphalt flat roofing systems. Despite the advantages, flat roofs in cold climate areas typically need some type of roof de-icing system. The roofs generally have sections that pitch toward a central drain; however, snow buildup or ice can block the drain and edge flashing, causing water backup. Standing pools of water can increase the chances of causing structural damage over time. For this reason, drainage kits on flat roofs must remain free of ice for the roofs to drain properly. The ideal solution for keeping roof drains ice-free is to install self-regulating heat trace cable. The cable is routed around the drain in a star pattern and down the drain until it reaches the heated portion of the building. This keeps the runoff flowing safely through the drain.

Other roof de-icing options for flat membrane roofs include heating the entire panels. For this application, the low-voltage RoofHeat™ STEP® system is the solution most recommended. The thin, flexible self-regulating polymer heating elements are installed under the membrane, providing safe, efficient heat across the desired area.

For more information on heating membrane roofs, call a roof heating expert at Warmzone today at 888.488.9276.

What are the Best Options for Heating Membrane Roofs?

Low-voltage roof de-icing for membrane roof
Heated roof de-icing panels for membrane roof
Roof de-icing for membrane roofs
Low-voltage RoofHeat STEP

The innovative low-voltage RoofHeat STEP roof de-icing system is proven to be a safe and effective solution for providing roof de-icing for membrane roofs. The thin, semi-conductive polymer heating element ensures that your membrane roof will remain clear of snow and ice so that it drains properly. The flexible heating element can be nailed or stapled through, helping to facilitate quick and easy installation.

  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Low-voltage operation
  • Self-regulating
  • Thin, flexible polymer element
  • Can be nailed/stapled through for easy installation
  • Available in various widths
SnoFree Roof De-icing Panels

Warmzone’s SnoFree™ heated roof panels are an efficient method to keep membrane covered lower-level and low-slope roof edges clear of snow and ice dams. The panels are available in a variety of sizes and attractive finishes. Pre-engineered with channels for self-regulating heat cable, the aluminum panels enhance safety by helping to prevent dangerous slabs of ice and snow from falling on pedestrians below.

  • Available in 6 to 48-inch widths
  • Panels feature a 30-year protective Kynar finish
  • Easy installation
  • Used in conjunction with self-regulating cable
  • Can be installed to heat eaves and/or valleys
  • An economical and attractive roof de-icing option
The Roof Heating Experts

Warmzone constantly searches for and evaluates the industry's newest products and roof de-icing solutions to offer customers the best roof heating systems available. Having a wide variety of trusted roof heating systems for both commercial and residential roof de-icing applications helps to ensure that every customer is matched with the system that best meets their specific roof de-icing and budget needs.

Warmzone roof de-icing systems also include unmatched customer services. Each system is professionally designed, and free installation training and technical support is included. For more information please call 888-488-9276.

Roof De-icing System Controls

Roof heating systems under membrane roofs can be fully automated or manually triggered. Warmzone offers the industry’s most advanced and proven control devices, giving customers a wide selection of premier control options. Simple manual control is available, or you can select from Warmzone’s array of advanced controllers and thermostats for a fully automated roof heating system. As an industry leader, Warmzone offers only the industry's most reputable and proven roof de-icing system controls and components. Call a roof heating professional today (888-488-9276) to learn more about the controller options that are available and what controls are best suited for your roof de-icing system.

Warmzone's low-voltage RoofHeat STEP de-icing system is a uniquely advanced system that utilizes transformers to step down high voltage to low voltage (60 V or less). Each power unit controls specific sections of the de-icing system and monitors the power and output of the heating element to ensure safe, optimal performance. The recommended controller for this system is the advanced TOUCH thermostat.

The WS-8C activation device (snow sensor) has been a long standing “go-to” activation device for automated roof heating systems. This versatile sensor is housed in a sturdy NEMA 3R enclosure rated for outdoor use, but its most notable feature is a remote precipitation sensor with a 10-foot cable. The small sensor can be placed in the roof gutter while the unit can be mounted in a more convenient location.

Roof heating accessories and manual control options are also available from Warmzone. Contact a roof de-icing expert today to learn more about the available options, and what controllers would work best with your roof heating system. Call us today at 888-488-9276.

Roof de-icing system controls


Roof De-icing Customer Support Services

Warmzone prides itself on offering the industry’s most comprehensive customer services. Knowing that purchasing a roof de-icing system marks a significant investment on your part, we are committed to standing by you throughout the pre and post sales period to help ensure that your system is installed correctly, and you are satisfied.

Industry leading installation training courses
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Professional System Design Services: We work closely with your installer to ensure the system is installed properly and according to your warranty. We do this by offering unparalleled customer support services. Every Warmzone roof de-icing system comes is carefully designed, and the detailed layout is then given to your installer. This layout serves as a "road map" for your installer. Our professional system designers have decades of combined experience, and each professional drawing not only provides the layout of your heating element and system components, but includes all the information necessary for your electrician.

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Free Installation Training: Warmzone also includes free installation training. The courses can be taken online with an instructor via Webex, or completed at our headquarters. (Training is also available on location upon request.) The training can be completed in less than an hour; however, the installer or electrician can stop and ask questions at any time. The instructor will gladly spend the time necessary for you to feel comfortable with the installation of your roof de-icing system. We want to ensure that your installation goes as smoothly as possible, and the system is performing as expected.

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Technical Support for Installers: Warmzone also has a staff of roof heating experts available to field your calls if you have any questions during the installation. Sometimes, even after taking the installation training class you may still have a question or encounter something you didn't anticipate. Our professionals are happy to address any concerns you may have. Call our technical support staff and we'll assist you so that you can continue the installation with confidence. For more information, call a roof de-icing expert today and learn more about our services at 888-488-9276.

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Regional Installer Network: Warmzone maintains a network of experienced, favorably reviewed roof heating system installers, so we may be able to recommend a preferred installer in your area.