Outdoor Heating Systems for Driveways

Warmzone® offers a variety of driveway heating and snow melting options for all types of applications, including concrete, asphalt, pavers, and more. Radiant heated driveway systems can be easily customized to meet your specific snow melting needs as well as your budget. Warmzone's expert design and layout team works closely with customers to determine the system that best meets their performance needs while keeping within their budget.

Because heated driveway systems are easy to customize, there are many options for homeowners when it comes to designing a system specific to their needs. For example, instead of heating the entire driveway, radiant heat can be installed to melt snow in a narrow strip in the center of the driveway. You can also reduce installation and operating costs by installing two 24-inch wide heated tire tracks. Or you can choose to only heat select areas, such as the incline of a driveway or outdoor steps that frequently ice over because they are in the shade. The options are virtually unlimited.

Driveways can also be retrofitted with radiant heat. Using saw-cut technology, grooves are cut into the existing concrete, and heat cable is placed in the channels. Special epoxy is then placed over the heating cable to seal the system. To heat existing asphalt driveways the cable is laid out over the area to be heated and a new layer of asphalt is applied. This is the easiest application for retrofitting a driveway with radiant heat.

Warmzone carries the highest quality heated driveway and radiant snow melting options available. The industry leading ClearZone® electric snowmelt system is commonly installed in both commercial and residential applications. From large heated driveways and parking areas to custom sized walkways, ramps and loading docks, ClearZone snow melting systems are versatile, durable, and reliable.

Snow melting mats laid out for heated driveway

Warmzone Snow Melting Heat Cable

ClearZone electric snow melting cable is a proven industry leader that has been installed in a wide variety of applications throughout Northern America for almost two decades. The twin-conductor, single-point connection heat cable is available off the spool or pre-spaced in mats for simple "roll-out" installation, and carries a 10-year warranty. A specially designed version of the cable is also available for installation in hot asphalt applications.

The automated driveway heating system utilizes either an aerial-mount snow sensor or an in-ground sensor. These activation devices are designed to activate the system when conditions warrant. When the temperature is below the adjustable "set point" (usually 39°F) and precipitation is detected, the sensor signals the system controller, and power is sent to the embedded ClearZone cable to heat the driveway.

ClearZone Electric Snow Melting Applications

Why Install a Driveway Heating System?

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Automatic Sensors

Optional sensors can detect when snow is falling & automatically switch on the snow melting system.

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Peace of mind

Melts the snow, providing a safe passageway for you & your family, as well as guests to your home.

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No More Shoveling

Finally, put away the rock-salt and snow shovels and start enjoying the winter again...

Backed by Industry Leading Customer Services

In addition to offering premier quality radiant snow melting systems and components, Warmzone includes unparalleled customer support services, including professional system design, expert installation support and free installation training services for installers.


The key to any radiant snow melting system is the installation. Knowing how vital the proper installation of the system components is, Warmzone provides FREE installation training. Installers can select a time that works best for their schedule and take the course online, via Webex. The instructor provides photos and illustrations while covering all aspects of the installation. Students can ask questions at any time during the training. The training typically takes less than one hour.


To complement its industry-leading product offering, Warmzone provides comprehensive, professional design services. Our experienced designers evaluate every aspect of the radiant heating system to create a detailed AutoCAD of your system layout. You'll know the proper layout and materials, proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and system performance expectations before one foot of heat cable is installed.


In keeping with Warmzone's commitment to provide the best service in the business, Warmzone maintains a staff of radiant heat professionals who are on hand to field calls from installers. While most questions are answered during the installation training, we understand that issues still may arise as you begin the installation. That's why our experts stand ready to assist you during each phase of your project.

Warmzone Snow Melting Systems

Once your driveway heating system installation is completed, it’s ready to be used. Just add snow! Make sure to monitor your system during the first couple of snowfalls to see if any adjustments are required. The system can also be activated manually if you need.

Radiant heated driveway snow melting time lapse video