In-Floor Heating for Concrete Slab Floors

Heating concrete floors is one of the most effective ways to add luxurious warmth to your home. Energy efficient, maintenance free, and easy to use, the Warmzone® In-Slab™ radiant floor heating system is the system of choice for applications requiring the cable to be embedded in the concrete floor slab.

In-Slab thermal radiant floor heating cable is specifically designed for installation in new construction applications. The rugged heat cable is secured and then the concrete is poured so that the cable is embedded about 2-inches below the surface. The thermal properties of the concrete slab allow In-Slab cable to use the concrete to efficiently store and evenly distribute heat throughout the intended area. The cable is affordable and can be installed to heat the slab under any type of flooring, including hardwood, carpet, tile, and more.

Gallery of Concrete Slab Floors

Heating concrete floors
Bedroom with concrete floor
Heated decorative concrete floor
In-Slab floor heating systems for heating concrete slabs and floors
Hydronic floor heating systems for warming concrete floors
Heated decorative concrete floor

Why Install Radiant Floor Heating?

Easy to install radiant heat icon
Easy to Install

Warmzone floor heating systems are designed for optimum performance and ease of installation.

Affordable radiant heat icon

Most systems are inexpensive to run and require no regular maintenance.

Easy to use thermostats icon
Easy-to-Use Thermostats

The thermostats are easy to use and give users precise control of the system, optimizing efficiency.

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Saves Energy

Radiant heat is the most efficient technology today for heating homes and businesses.

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Safe, Quiet Operation

Warmzone systems have ground fault protection, and safely provide comfortable warmth.

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Healthier Heating Environment

Radiant heat systems provide clean heat. No dust or allergens are circulated through the house.

Why Choose Warmzone?

Advanced Floor Heating System Controls

The radiant floor heating system is controlled by a technologically advanced, easy-to-use thermostat with a built-in GFCI and in-floor sensor. The programmable thermostat features a clock function that allows you to set four events per day as well as weekday and weekend settings. The floor heating system can be programmed so that your floors are warmed just prior to you getting up in the morning and then turning off as you leave for work. The programmable feature allows you to efficiently use the radiant heating system precisely when you need. You can also temporarily change the temperature for a single event with the programmable thermostat. Afterwards, the floor heating system will return to the program schedule on the next scheduled event. Warmzone backs every radiant heat system with the best customer support services in the industry.

A heated decorative concrete floor
Warmzone radiant heat check points
Free Installation Training

Warmzone includes free installation training with an experienced radiant heat instructor.

Installation Support

Warmzone radiant heat experts are available to field your calls and assist you during your installation.

Professional System Design

Professional system designers provide a detailed layout of your floor heating system.

Affordable and Maintenance Free

Warmzone electric floor heating systems have no moving parts and require no regular maintenance.

Fast Shipping & Simple Returns

We understand how important time and  timing are, which is why we provide fast shipping and easy returns.