Pipe Tracing Heat Cable

Keeping pipes from freezing and rupturing during the cold winter months can save businesses and homeowners from the considerable expense of cleanup and repair due to water damage. Warmzone carries a wide selection of premier self-regulating heat trace cables for industry-leading commercial, industrial, and residential pipe trace solutions.

The self-regulating pipe tracing heat cable features advanced technology that results in highly effective, energy-efficient operation. The proven, UL listed cable provides safe, reliable heat tracing for freeze protection or process temperature maintenance for pipes, valves, flanges, etc. The cable is suitable for use on metal pipes, small plastic pipes, and instrument tubing in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


Prevent Frozen Pipes During Winter

If you’ve ever experienced a broken water pipe during the winter, chances are that you’ll never want to go through that experience again. Installing a reliable pipe tracing system is one sure way to protect pipes and provide peace of mind. Heat tracing systems rely on self-regulating heat cable that is run along the length of the pipe, keeping it warm enough to prevent water from freezing and bursting pipes or damaging flanges. Warmzone pipe trace systems are easy to customize and install to meet your specific freeze prevention needs.

A variety of sensors are available to control the automated systems, but the pipe tracing systems can also be operated manually. Pipe heat trace systems are versatile, energy efficient, and require no maintenance. Call a radiant heat expert today at 888-488-9276 to learn more.

Pipe tracing system and lighted end seal.

Pipe Freeze Protection Self-Regulating Heat Cable

Warmzone pipe tracing systems utilize self-regulating parallel circuit heat cable to provide the best solution for basic freeze protection applications. The self-regulating characteristic of the heating element allows the cable to "adjust" to ambient temperatures. When the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance increases. Therefore, the consumption of electricity decreases, ensuring safe, energy-efficient operation. This feature also keeps the cable from overheating or burning out - even when touching or overlapping. Furthermore, because of the self-regulating properties, a thermostat may not be necessary in some applications.

Warmzone carries a variety of heat trace cables, including cable featuring an optional outer jacket, making it resistant to watery and inorganic chemicals while protecting it against abrasion and impact damage. The self-regulating cable adjusts the power output depending on the varying conditions along the length of the pipe. A wide selection of pipe tracing system controls is also available, allowing customers to find the ideal solution for controlling their system's specific needs.

For more information about the many pipe tracing options that are available, call Warmzone today and discuss your pipe tracing needs with a heat trace expert at 888-488-9276.

Pipe Heat Trace and Freeze Prevention Options

Self-regulating heat trace cable for shingle roofs
Constant wattage heat trace cable for pipe tracing
Self-regulating heat trace cable with power plug for heating metal roofs
Self-regulating Heat Trace Cable

Warmzone's trusted self-regulating pipe tracing heat cable features advanced technology that results in highly effective, energy-efficient operation. Designed for varsatile use in a number of pipe tracing applications, the UL listed cable provides safe, reliable heat tracing for freeze protection as well as temperature maintenance for pipes, valves, and flanges, etc. The heat cable can be used on small plastic or metal pipes, and instrument tubing in residential or light commercial and similar applications.

  • Does not overheat or burn out, even when touching or overlapping
  • Service voltage: 110-120 V, 208-277 V
  • Approvals: cULus; hazardous, CSA, ATEX, IECEx
  • 10-year warranty
Constant Wattage Heat Cable

The constant wattage heat cable offers an affordable, user-friendly pipe freeze prevention solution intended for quick, easy installation in a number of applications. Designed for use when you want consistent heating performance, the PLCW constant wattage heat trace cable comes pre-assembled and ready to install. The cable can be used in temperatures as cold as -40°F (-40°C). PLCW cables operate on 120 volts AC, with an optional energy-saving thermostat available.

  • Comes pre-assembled for quick, easy installation
  • CSA listed in U.S. and Canada
  • Operates in temperatures as cold as -40°F (-40°C)
  • CW kit includes roof and gutter clips
  • 3-year cable limited warranty
Pre-terminated Cable with Power Plug

Warmzone pre-terminated self-regulating heat cable has proven to be an reliable, convenient solution for a variety of pipe and heat tracing applications. The pre-terminated 120 volt self-regulating heat cable is available in 50, 75, 100, and 150-foot lengths. The pre-assembled ‘plug and play’ kits come with the option of a 6-foot standard power plug or a power plug with ground fault circuit interrupter GFCI, making this one of the most convenient pipe tracing options available.

  • Optional 6-foot standard or GFCI power plug
  • Does not overheat or burn out, even when touching or overlapping
  • Automatically varies its power output in response to temperature changes
  • Easy to install; can be cut on site.
  • Corrosion protection and flame retardant outer jacket

Why Install Pipe Tracing?

Avoid costly downtime with pipe trace solutions
Avoid Costly Cleanup or Downtime

Pipe trace systems can enhance productivity as well as prevent costly cleanup from broken pipes.

Affordable, easy to install pipe tracing systems
Easy to Install

Most pipe trace systems are easy to install and
inexpensive – and easy – to operate.

Easy to use controls
User friendly controls

Enjoy maximum control of your system with our selection of industry leading controls.

Energy efficient operation
Saves Energy

Radiant heat is the most energy efficient technology for maintaining free-flowing pipes during winter.

Increased safety

Installing a pipe trace system can greatly enhance safety and prevent disasters.

Radiant heat maintenance free
Maintenance Free

The pipe heat tracing systems require virtually no maintenance.

Industrial pipe tracing system installed

Why Choose Warmzone?

Warmzone professionals are experienced pipe tracing experts who can recommend and design the ideal pipe heat trace system for your needs. Each system is backed by the best customer support services in the industry, and our products are trusted by professional builders throughout Northern America.

Free Installation Training

Warmzone includes free installation training with an instructor. Training classes can be scheduled at your convenience and completed online via Webex.

Professional System Design

Professional system designers provide a detailed layout of your pipe tracing system. Layouts also contain all the necessary technical and electrical information for your installer.

Installation Support

Warmzone maintains a dedicated staff of radiant heat experts who are available to field your calls and assist you should you have questions during the installation.

Superior Components

Warmzone system components and heating elements (both low-voltage and line-voltage) are among the most advanced and trusted in the industry, helping to ensure superior performance.

Fast Shipping and Simple Returns

We understand how important time and timing are, which is why we provide fast shipping (directly from our facility) and easy returns.