Towel Warmers and Bathroom Heaters

Whether you’re looking to add a little heat to your bathroom or just wrap yourself up in the luxury of a toasty, warm towel, Warmzone’s Runtal® towel warmer radiator heaters may be your ideal solution. Available in a wide selection of stunning finishes, these premium towel warmers have been a popular bathroom amenity in luxury homes and upscale inns and hotels for more than three decades. Unlike many towel warmers on the market with minimal heated surfaces, the Runtal series of heaters features an expansive heated surface to effectively warm towels as well as add comfortable heat to small and medium sized bathrooms.

Available Models

Warmzone® carries a wide variety of beautiful, premium quality towel warmers and bathroom radiators.

Omnipanel Towel Warmer

The flat-panel design of the Omnipanel Towel Warmer makes it an outstanding wall heater.

Omnipanel II Towel Warmer

This premier radiant bathroom heater with towel warmer features the efficient flat-panel design.

Neptune Towel Warmer

The Neptune Towel Warmer is a stylish round-tube heater design with raised horizontal tubes.

Radia Towel Warmer

The Radia Towel Warmer and bathroom heater features a simple, flat-profile design.

Solea Towel Warmer

The popular Solea Towel Warmer and heater has an elegant, gently curved design.

Fain Towel Warmer

The beautiful Fain Towel Warmer is a classic, with quintessential minimalism in stainless steel.

Bathroom towel warmer

Premium Towel Warmers

Designed for safe, high-heat output, Warmzone's Runtal® electric towel warmers provide an attractive way to warm your towels and your bathroom. Warmzone offers a variety of attractive towel radiators, as well as wall-panel heaters, freestanding and wall-panel baseboard heaters. The wide selection of bathroom towel warmers features attractive looks, designed for efficient operation and to complement the existing décor in your home.

The attractive bathroom radiators are practical appliances that add comfort and style to your home. The wall-mount radiators can be used to supplement your home heating system or be the sole source for heating specific rooms. Available outputs range from 800 to 7920 BTUH, giving the heaters the capability to provide the necessary heat for just about any size bathroom. They are great alternatives to bulky cast iron radiators or fin-tube baseboard heaters. They serve as a wonderful complement to existing radiant floor heating systems.

Large wall-mount towel warmer

Free Standing or Wall Mounted Heated Towel Racks

Warmzone's Runtal® bathroom radiators with towel warming bars provide comfortable heat for average-sized bathrooms and warmth for your towels. The energy-efficient, wall-mounted heater's easy installation and attractive looks conveniently add an elegant décor to the washroom.

Model types and sizes allow for variations in the heat output that enables a towel radiator to be used as a supplemental heater or as the sole source of heat for the entire room. While providing warmth for the bathroom, nothing quite matches the feel of a toasty towel or bathrobe after showering. Because the towel warmer helps to heat and dry the room, the added benefit is that the radiator helps to reduce mold and mildew, and keeps towels fresh between laundering.

Warmzone offers a variety of flat-panel and round-tube design towel radiators in 120 volts. Each model is offered in either direct wire (Model D) or plug-in version (Model G) with the exclusive soft-touch five-setting digital control (off/lo/med/hi/on hi timer for 3 hours).