Countertop Heating Solution

Add a new level of exquisite comfort to the beauty of your kitchen's stone or concrete countertops with Warmzone's FeelsWarm® countertop heaters. This remarkable heating solution features thin (0.025 inches), flexible, low-voltage heating elements that adhere to the bottom of countertops, vanities, or even office desks. The thin heating element is easy to install and adds luxurious warmth to existing or new stone countertops by gently raising the temperature by 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Warmzone's FeelsWarm® stick-on countertop heaters effectively add warmth and comfort to stone countertops. Because the thin heating element conveniently adheres to the underside of the counter or kitchen island it remains out of sight while creating a warm, comfortable place for the family to gather. The panels can be easily customized to meet your specific countertop needs, and the heaters are surprisingly easy to install.

Install Custom Countertop Heaters

Easy to install icon
Easy to Install

The countertop heaters can be easily installed to warm kitchen islands, overhangs, office desks, etc.

Luxurious warmth icon
Luxurious Comfort

The stick-on countertop heating panels adhere to all surfaces, including all stone and metal countertops.

Easy to customize icon

Easily customized to meet the exact shape and dimensions of your countertops.

Energy efficient icon
Energy Efficient

Continuous operation of a 4-square-foot countertop heater is similar to a 75-watt light bulb.

Safe to operate icon

The countertop heaters safely operate using low-voltage and plug into a standard outlet.

Easy, precise controls icon
Easy, Precise Control

The temperature can be adjusted with an advanced, easy-to-use controller.

Warmzone countertop heaters with FeelsWarm technology

Features and Benefits

Effective Heat

Heats stone surfaces 20-25°F over room temperature

Easy to Customize

Easily customized to your exact countertop design


Adheres to the underside of all stone and metal countertops

Easy Installation

Easy stick-on application, ideal for kitchen islands, overhangs, and desks.


The safe low-voltage system plugs into standard outlets

Easy to use Controls

Adjust the temperature with and easy-to-use controller

Affordable, Efficient Operation

Continuous operation of a 4-square-foot countertop heater is similar to a 75-watt light bulb

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to heat a countertop is very minimal. To operate a 5-square-foot heater continuously is similar to a 75-watt light bulb or approximately $0.15 per day.

You can heat just about any stone surface, including kitchen islands, overhangs, desks, bathroom counters, bars, vanities, reception desks, and even shower seats. It is best to only heat the edge of a counter rather than the entire stone. One of the most common applications is heating the overhanging area of existing countertops.

The stick-on countertop heaters utilize a standard 120V outlet and operate on 12-24 volts. Similar to a laptop computer, each stick-on heating mat is supplied with a low-voltage transformer that plugs into a standard outlet. A customized power line is not required. Current draw on a 120V line is ½ – 2 amps, depending upon the size of the heater.

Yes. Custom mats can be ordered to fit your counter's exact shape and size, with cutouts for corbels or support beams. Please allow p to 7 business days for delivery of custom ordered countertop heaters. 

These advanced heaters are engineered for a safe, slow warm-up. The slow warming approach and lack of temperature pulsing eliminates any shock to the stone. You can expect a counter to reach its maximum temperature setting in approximately 90 minutes.

Video: Installation overview of a countertop heater being installed under a
countertop with an overhang.