Roof De-icing Solutions

When it comes to home maintenance, perhaps nothing is more important than taking care of your roof. Experts recommend that homeowners inspect their roof at least twice a year, preferably in early spring and late fall. For those interested in installing a roof de-icing system, there are several roof heating options from which to choose. The most affordable, and hence the most popular solution, is to install self-regulating heat cable along the roof edges, valleys, and gutters. The cable is "zigzagged" along the roof eaves to prevent ice dams from forming. The premier roof de-icing option is Warmzone's low-voltage RoofHeat™ STEP® system. This advanced de-icing solution features thin polymer heating panels that can be discreetly installed under roof shingles, and can also be installed under metal roofs.

Ice dams are the most common problem associated with winter roof damage. A ridge of ice forms along the eaves or valley of a roof and prevents the melting snow behind it from draining properly. The water backs up behind the dam where it freezes and melts again. Eventually, the water can seep into tiny cracks, and when it refreezes and expands, it can slowly compromise areas on the roof. Over time, this can lead to damaged ceilings, walls, floors, and may even result in mold and mildew growth.

Self-regulating Heat Cable

To best remove snow and ice from roof gutters, downspouts, and edges, Warmzone's durable self-regulating heat cable is one of the most recommended roof heating solutions available. The RoofHeat radiant heating cable is effective for facilitating runoff from roofs, and can be routed through gutters and drainpipes. The roof de-icing cable is capable of helping to keep your home or business safe from costly ice and water damage, frost erosion, and dangerous falling ice.

Features and Benefits Include:

 Fully Automated

Self-regulating roof gutter heat trace cable

 Maintenance Free

 Energy Efficient

 Enhances Safety

 Affordable De-icing Solution

 Versatile & Easy to Customize

 Easy to Install

 10-year Manufacturer Warranty

Heated roof valley

Low-voltage Roof De-icing Systems

Regarded by many as the industry's premier "non-cable" roof heating solution, Warmzone's low-voltage RoofHeat STEP roof de-icing system is one of the most proven and trusted roof heating options for discreetly heating roof edges and valleys. The roof de-icing system features thin, flexible polymer heating elements (available in various widths) that can be nailed and stapled through, and cut on site. The roof heating panels are self-regulating, which means that when the ambient temperature rises the electrical resistance increases, and the consumption of electricity decreases, preventing the element from overheating while ensuring safe, energy-efficient operation.

Each section of the roof de-icing system is controlled by an individual power unit. The transformer steps down high voltage to low voltage (60 V or less), and monitors the power and output of the heating element under the roof to ensure safe, optimal performance. Installed directly under roof shingles (or metal roofs), the heating panels distribute heat evenly to keep the roof edges and valleys clear of snow and ice, facilitating runoff by preventing ice dams from forming.

To learn more about the many roof de-icing options at Warmzone, or to sign up for free installation training, contact a radiant heat professional today at 888-488-9276.

Why Install Roof Ice Melting?

Easy to install roof de-icing
Easy to Install

Warmzone roof de-icing systems are easy to customize and install.

Affordable, maintenance-free roof de-icing
Affordable & Maintenance Free

Most roof de-icing systems are inexpensive to run and require no regular maintenance.

Easy to use controls
User Friendly Controls

Warmzone includes the industry's most advanced and efficient roof heating system controls.

Energy efficient roof de-icing
Saves Energy

Radiant heat is the most energy efficient technology for eliminating roof snow and ice.

Safe systems for roof de-icing

Warmzone offers low-voltage and line voltage systems to safely prevent snow and ice builup.

Roof de-icing protection icon
Protects the Roof

Eliminates ice dams, preventing the trapped water from forming and damaging the roof.

Heated roof valley and eave

Why Choose Warmzone?

Warmzone radiant heat professionals are experienced roof de-icing experts. We've been designing roof de-icing and gutter trace systems for almost two decades, so we've seen just about every application and challenge imaginable. Our roof heating systems are among the very best in class, all backed by the best customer service in the industry. Warmzone carries a wide selection of roof heating solutions, including low-voltage RoofHeat STEP systems and a vast selection of the industry's premier self-regulating and constant wattage roof heating cable. For a trusted roof de-icing solution, contact Warmzone today, at 888-488-9276.

Installation Training

Warmzone includes free installation training with an experienced instructor. Training classes can be scheduled at your convenience and completed online via Webex.

Installation Support

Warmzone maintains a dedicated staff of radiant heat experts who are available to field your calls and assist you if you have questions during the installation.

Professional System Design

Professional system designers provide a detailed layout of your roof heating system. Layouts also contain all the necessary electrical information.

Superior Components

To help ensure superior performance, Warmzone system components and heating elements (both low-voltage and line-voltage) are among the most advanced and trusted in the industry.

Fast Shipping & Simple Returns

We understand the importance of time and timing, which is why we provide fast shipping and easy returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the RoofHeat STEP system is designed to provide safe roof de-icing for various types of roofing materials, including tiles, asphalt shingles, metal, and more.

Roof de-icing systems can be activated with an automatic gutter-mounted switch, temperature sensor, or manual timer.

The power requirements vary from system to system. Generally, cable heating systems require a 240V 30-amp breaker for every 300-square-feet you are heating.

Yes. Warmzone provides detailed layouts for most roof de-icing systems. Our professional radiant heat system designers evaluate your radiant heating system and create a detailed AutoCAD of your system layout. You'll know the proper layout and materials, proper load calculations, breaker sizes, number of breakers, and system performance expectations before one foot of heat cable is installed. Because radiant heat systems depend so much on proper installation, this service is extremely valuable and can save installers headaches and money by providing clear, consise information in preparation of the system being installed.

Warmzone sells directly to the end user and can ensure that you get the best pricing possible. Our internal staff of experienced professionals can answer your questions and assist you in determining the best system for your application. Warmzone also sells through certified independent installers that can assist you in your product selection and installation.

Heated roof valleys and eaves

   A low-voltage system installed under roof shingles to heat roof edges.