Warmzone Radiant Heat Support Services

At Warmzone® we understand that offering the largest selection of the industry's most proven and trusted products only meets half of the needs of our customers. Those premier products must also be backed by the best customer services in the business. That's why Warmzone is committed to offering the most comprehensive service in the business.

While the benefits of radiant heat make it a popular choice for home heating and snow melting applications, we know that installing a radiant heat system marks a considerable investment on your part. With that in mind, we are determined to provide industry-leading customer support services. Warmzone's unparalleled services include free installation training for installers, professional system design, and technical support during the installation of your system. We also promise fast shipping from our large warehouse, and simple returns.

To schedule free training, or talk with a support professional, please call 801-948-7545.

Radiant heat installation support and system design

When searching for the ideal snow melting, floor heating, or roof de-icing system, the best products and system components are important, but they're not the most important aspects when it comes to finding the best radiant heat solution. Proper installation of the system is the single most crucial factor. You can have the best heating elements and controllers in the world, but unless they're installed correctly, they'll do you little good.

Because the proper installation of a radiant heat system is key, Warmzone focuses its services on installation support. Our goal is not just to provide you with the best system and design. Our goal is for you to have the best system installed correctly and performing as expected.

To help facilitate the smooth installation of a radiant heat system, Warmzone maintains relationships with experienced, favorably reviewed installers throughout the country. So when you decide to install a radiant heating system, we may be able to recommend an experienced installer in your area who you can trust.

We understand that installing radiant heat marks a significant investment on your part, so we want to make the process of purchasing, designing and installing a radiant heat system as convenient as possible.

Free Installation Training

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System Design

Learn more about Warmzone's professional radiant heat system design services, or call 888-488-9276.

Installation Support

Installers have access to Warmzone's professional radiant heat installation support team.

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Installers working under the Warmzone emblem are independent contractors and not employees of Warmzone. Warmzone does not warrant, supervise, or control the performance of any contractor, including those in our Independent Installers Program, and we specifically disclaim any such warranty. Warmzone shall not be liable for work performed by any installer of Warmzone's products whether recommended by Warmzone or otherwise. Please note that the foregoing disclaimer applies not only to improper installation of Warmzone products, but also to any other claims, damages or liabilities you may have out of your dealings with your contractor, including those in our Independent Installers Program.