ComfortTile® Electric Heated Floor Systems

Compatible with all standard sub-flooring materials, ComfortTile® floor heating systems offer the premium performance expected from an industry leader. The systems are easily installed under all types of floor surfaces to provide comfortable, evenly spread floor heat. ComfortTile radiant floor heating systems provide efficient room heating and reduce the transmission of dust, allergens and other airborne particulate matter associated with forced-air systems.

ComfortTile is available on spools or pre-spaced on an adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh mat. While both systems are easy to install, the individual cable off the spool is particularly convenient for custom shaped floor heating projects. To learn more about ComfortTile floor heating systems, call Warmzone today at 888-488-9276.

ComfortTile Radiant Floor Heating Applications

ComfortTile Electric Heated Floors
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ComfortTile® electric floor heating systems are designed for easy installation under most types of floor surfaces to provide comfortable, even floor heat. The system is a proven leader, and has been installed in homes throughout Northern America for decades. The heat cable is especially well suited for heating ceramic tile, vinyl tile, marble and stone floors, but can also be used for a wide range of other applications. The heated floor systems provide efficient room heating and virtually eliminate the transmission of dust, allergens and other airborne particulate matter associated with forced-air systems. ComfortTile is available off the spool or in convenient, easy-to-install mats (below).

ComfortTile Radiant Floor Heating Mats

The ComfortTile floor heating mat features thin heating cable that is pre-spaced and affixed to a flexible mesh. The mesh includes an adhesive backing so it can be rolled out and secured to the subfloor quickly and easily. The convenience of ComfortTile floor heating mats helps to save money by reducing installation time and ensuring proper cable spacing, as well as providing a way for installers to quickly secure the mats to the substrate. (For installation instructions and how to make turns with the mats refer to your installation manual or our How to Install Heated Floors web page.) Available in a variety of lengths, the floor warming mats are 18-inches wide and pre-terminated for use with 120V and 240V.

ComfortTile Radiant Floor Heating Cable

Free standing ComfortTile cable is also available in various lengths off the spool. The thin, flexible heating cable makes it ideal for installing floor heat in small, odd shaped areas. When installing the ComfortTile cable, you'll also receive Radiant floor heating cable strapping cable strapping, allowing you to secure and properly space the floor heating cable. The plastic straps are affixed to the subfloor, and the cable is run through the channels provided by the reliefs on the strapping.

Because the heating cable is only about ⅛-inch in diameter, installing the system results in minimal floor buildup. The hot and cold lead junctions are uniquely designed to make them virtually foolproof. The ComfortTile electric floor heating system is one of the most proven and popular radiant heating systems on the market, and is highly efficient and easy to install.

Luxurious Warmth and Advanced Control

ComfortTile floor heating systems come complete with a GFCI protected thermostat and strapping to secure and properly space the cable. All sizes and adjustments of cable spacing and coverage can be made on site. The twin-conductor heating cable is made with premium materials, enabling the ComfortTile heat cable to provide superior floor heating performance and fast response times.

ComfortTile floor warming systems combine the highest comfort levels and reliability with maximum efficiency. It’s a proven technology that's safe, reliable and energy efficient.

Programmable Thermostat for Heated Floors

Radiant Floor Heating System Controls

Radiant floor heating system thermostat Warmzone's ComfortTile radiant under floor heating systems consist of thermostat-controlled heating cables that are installed under the surface of the floor to provide safe, evenly distributed heat. The ComfortTile cable comes with an industry-leading 25-year manufacturer warranty. The touch screen controller has ground fault (GFCI) protection and is one of the most advanced floor heating system thermostats in the industry. Designed for the modern home, the programmable touch screen thermostat features a large back-lit display and simple user interface.

In addition to the heat cable's superior performance, the radiant floor heating system features easy-to-use, dependable control. The thermostat is also available with WIFI capability, and can be configured for control of floor temperature and regulator without sensor. It is compatible with existing floor sensors by means of a temperature setting, making it the ideal thermostat for renovation purposes.

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Floor Heating System Design and Support Services

Warmzone includes professional system design services as well as free installation training and technical support. We'll stand by you throughout the installation of your floor heating system and work with your electrician and installers if they have any questions. As an industry-leading provider of radiant floor heating systems, we're committed to offering our customers the best products, services, and system designs in the industry.


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Consistent, Reliable Performance

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ComfortTile Floor Heating Systems
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