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In-slab radiant floor heating cable embedded in cement slab. In-Slab radiant floor heating cable logo.

In-Slab Floor Heating Cable

Warmzone In-Slab radiant floor heating system offers maintenance-free operation, is easy to install and features a comprehensive 10-year manufacturer warranty.

In-Slab thermal radiant floor heating cable is designed for installation in new concrete slab applications. The heat cable is secured to the re-mesh and embedded at least ½-inch below the surface. In-Slab cable uses the concrete slab to efficiently store and distribute heat evenly throughout the intended area. The cable is affordable and can be installed to warm any type of flooring, including hardwood, carpet, tile, and more.

Radiant floor heating cable in cement slab. Radiant heated tile floor. Radiant floor heating system installed for warm bathroom floor.

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Radiant Floor Heating Cable for In-Slab Applications

In-slab radiant heat cable installed for heated tile floor.
Heated tile floor.
Thermostat for electric radiant floor heating system.

In-Slab Heat Cable

Warmzone's In-Slab heat cable is a durable, high quality heating cable that can be installed to provide luxurious radiant floor heating for virtually any type of home or commercial floor surface. The In-Slab heat cable is popular because it is a very rugged cable that is extremely efficient as well as versatile.

Warmzone In-Slab heat cable (also known as Warmzone SlabHeat) has a protective metallic shield and is waterproof, so it is safe for use in both wet and dry applications. Designed to produce 10-15 watts per square foot, In-Slab heat cable is the premier radiant floor heating solution for in-slab applications in both small, custom residential and large commercial radiant heating projects. The floor heating system efficiently provides comfortable heat for virtually every floor type and heating application.

The radiant floor heating system is controlled by a technologically advanced, easy-to-use thermostat with a built-in GFCI and in-floor sensor. The programmable thermostat features a clock function that allows you to set four events per day as well as weekday and weekend settings. The floor heating system can be programmed so that your floors are warmed just prior to you getting up in the morning and then shutting off as you leave for work. The programmable feature allows you to efficiently use the radiant heat system precisely when you need. You can also temporarily change the temperature for a single event with the programmable thermostat. After doing so, the floor heating system will return to the program schedule on the next scheduled event.

Another advantage of the Warmzone In-Slab electric floor heating system is that the heat cable warms your floors quickly and evenly. Unlike some systems that take considerable time to heat up the floor, the electric In-Slab system has a fast response time, which also adds to the efficiency of the system by requiring less operating time.

Energy efficient, maintenance free, and easy to use, the Warmzone In-Slab radiant floor heating system is the system of choice for applications requiring the cable to be embedded in the concrete floor slab.

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