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Decorative Wall Heaters and Towel Warmers

Designed for comfort, good looks and economic efficiency, Climastar's advanced wall-mount heating systems feature the latest technology and beautiful, innovative designs.

The wall-mount heaters are unique stone facade heating systems that provide comfortable, energy-efficient heat and stunning beauty for your home or office. The low-power consumption and dynamic looks of these radiant wall heaters makes Climastar an efficient and stylish choice for your heating needs. The heating systems are a very popular localized heating source for both the office and the home.

Radiant wall heaters Bathroom heater with towel warmer. Climastar wall heater.

Radiant Wall-Mount Heaters and Bathroom Heaters

Bathroom heater with black slate facade and towel warmer.
Bathroom Heaters with Towel Warmers

Climastar bathroom heaters with towel warming bars efficiently provide comfortable heat for averaged-sized bathrooms and warmth for your towels. The energy-efficient, wall-mounted heater's easy installation and striking looks conveniently adds an elegant décor to the washroom.

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Woman enjoying the warmth of a Climastar wall-mount heater.
Remote control for Climastar wall heaters.
Stylish Climastar heater mounted on living room wall.
Elegant Wall-Mount Heaters for Homes or Offices

The attractive Climastar is easy to install and use. The heater plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet and is conveniently mounted on the wall.

Featuring maintenance-free operation and a two-year manufacturer warranty, the energy-efficient heater combines advanced technology, timeless design and reliable, cost-savings performance.

On average, Climastar wall-mount heaters consume one hour of power per every four hours of operation, resulting in dramatically lower utility bills when compared to other typical heating solutions. Because of their cost-saving, low-power consumption, Climastar wall-mount heaters are regarded as "green products".

Remote Programming

Climastar heaters incorporate a programming system that allows you to adjust the temperature in each wall heater, depending on your needs. All Climastar radiators have nine default programs and eight customizable programs that are easy to use. Each heater allows you to choose the temperature in each room, giving you a great flexibility in any room at any time of day and day of the week.

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