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ECO-heater wall-mount panel heaters. ECO-heater electric wall panel heater logo.

Wall-Mount Panel Heaters

The wall-mount ECO-heater offers stylish design, energy-efficient operation and comfortable radiant heat for your home or office. The electric wall-mounted panel heater is one of the most economical heating systems on the market and is remarkably easy to install.

The unique design and construction of the heater allows you to customize the heating panel to enhance its surroundings. The facade of the wall heater can be painted the same color as the wall to blend into the room, or, using any quality water-based paint, you can paint a picture or pattern that best complements your room's existing décor.

ECO-heater radiant wall heaters. Electric panel heater efficiently provide heat for localized areas. Wall heater with custom painted facade.

Electric Radiant Panel Heaters

Wall-mount ECO-heaters.

Custom painted facade of electric ECO-heater.

Wall Mount Radiant Panel Heaters

The ECO-heater efficiently provides comfortable, localized heat for your home or office. ECO-heaters operate at a relatively low surface temperature of about 165° Fahrenheit. This ensures that, although the heater is hot, it will not burn the skin if touched.

These panel heaters are designed to be mounted on the wall (standard 120-volt outlet), 6-8 inches above the floor. There is a ¾-inch air gap between the heater and the wall into which cold air is drawn. Because the gap is so small, the cold air is heated quickly and then rises out of the small gap at the top of the panel. More cool air cycles into the gap behind the heater and the natural circulation of heated air continues. This natural convection eliminates the need for a fan, thus increasing the heater's efficiency.

Because the ECO-heater is of such a low wattage (only 400 watts), it uses less than 4 cents of electricity per hour to operate (depending on the region) or the equivalent power consumed by four incandescent light bulbs, making it one of the most economical heaters on the market today. The heater produces a constant background heat while using very little electricity.

Unlike other heating solutions, ECO-heaters are inexpensive to purchase and operate, and very easy to install. Utilizing the latest convection heating technology, ECO-heaters are designed to safely operate for long periods of time while using little energy.

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