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Electric Panel Heaters and Towel Warmers

Designed for safe, high-heat output, Warmzone's Runtal® electric panel heaters, baseboard heaters and towel warmers provide an attractive way to heat your favorite rooms.

Warmzone offers a variety of Runtal electric heaters, including freestanding and wall-panel baseboard heaters, towel radiators, and wall-panel heaters. All heaters feature attractive looks, designed to complement the existing décor in your home. The heaters provide comfort and energy-efficient performance and are available in a wide variety of colors, as well as with a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat that allows homeowners to control these units remotely.

Radiant wall panel heaters Bathroom radiator with towel warmer. Freestanding baseboard heaters.

Wall-Mount and Baseboard Heaters and Bathroom Radiators

Bathroom radiators with towel warmer.
Electric wall-mount bathroom radiators and towel warmers.
Bathroom Radiators with Towel Warmer

Warmzone's Runtal bathroom radiators with towel warming bars provide comfortable heat for averaged-sized bathrooms and warmth for your towels. The energy-efficient, wall-mounted heater's easy installation and attractive looks conveniently add an elegant décor to the washroom.

Model types and sizes allow for variations in heat outputs that enable a towel radiator to be used as a supplemental heater or as the sole source of heat for the entire room. While providing warmth for the bathroom, nothing quite matches the feel of a toasty towel or bathrobe after showering. Because the towel warmer helps to heat and dry the room, the added benefit is that the radiator helps to reduce mold and mildew, and keeps towels fresh between laundering.

Warmzone offers a variety of round tube towel radiators in 120 volts. Each model is offered in either direct wire (Model D) or plug-in version (Model G) with the exclusive soft-touch five-setting digital control (off/lo/med/hi/on hi timer for 3 hours).

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Electric wall-mount panel heaters.
Freestanding baseboard heater with pedestal.
Pedestal baseboard heater.
Wall-mount Panel Heaters

Do you want to add a little more comfort to your child’s play room? How about eliminating that cold spot in the kitchen? Whatever your needs are, chances are that Warmzone’s Runtal electric wall-mount and freestanding panel heaters can provide the solution you’re looking for.

Warmzone’s Runtal electric wall panel heaters blend into your home’s interior under windows or on walls where floor space is at a premium. With high output and sleek profile these durable flat-tube design heaters can either accentuate the room’s style or discreetly blend into the existing interior design.

Installing the heater panels under windows helps to eliminate cold spots and drafts, yet still allow window curtains to hang properly to the floor. Electric wall panel heaters are available in two heights (17¼-inch and 23⅛-inch) and lengths of 2, 3, and 4 feet. All units are available in 120, 208 and 240-volt configurations.

Freestanding Baseboard Heaters

The freestanding baseboard heater combines attractive looks with efficient performance to provide homeowners with a heating solution that adds warmth without compromising the décor of your home. The heater’s double-sided finish and thin design makes it well suited for use along window walls (floor to ceiling glass) without obstructing the flow of the window dressing.

The advanced technology behind these freestanding heaters allows the heater to deliver high output levels while maintaining a low surface temperature. This results in a safe and effective heating solution. This safety feature makes these heaters ideal for homes with small children and pets.

Electric Wall-Mount Baseboard Heaters

Warmzone’s Runtal Electric Wall-Mounted Baseboard heaters blend the high output performance and low surface temperature in a durable flat tube design. The wall-mounted baseboard series offers simple, conventional installation for either new build or direct replacement of existing wall-mounted electric baseboard product.

These stylish baseboard heaters provide comfortable warmth to eliminate cold spots in your favorite rooms, making them an attractive and effective complement to your existing heating system and home décor. Available in lengths from 3 to 10 feet (in increments of one foot), the panel heaters are 10⅛-inch tall and can be quickly and easily installed.

Advanced Thermostats and Remote Programming

Warmzone’s Runtal electric panels heaters can be controlled by a variety of advanced thermostats, including the smart soft-touch digital controller with five-settings: off/lo/med/hi/on high timer for 3 hours (120V or 240V wiring connection). Set schedules or monitor, and map energy usage for your electric heating system - all from your smartphone.

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