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Fog-free LED shower mirror installed. Fog-free washroom mirrors banner logo.

Fog-free Bathroom Mirrors

Add elegant style and functionality to your shower, vanity or studio with the ClearMirror series of beautifully crafted fog-free mirrors. The mirrors feature a thin low-voltage heating pad mounted on the reverse side of the mirror with optional panels of built-in LED lights. Your bathroom will take on a gorgeous new look with these stunning mirrors.

Handcrafted in the USA, Warmzone’s ClearMirror series of studio and washroom mirrors can also be custom made to your specifications. The shower mirrors are typically wired to your bathroom light or fan, and are mounted flush with your shower surface. (Comes with a 5-year replacement warranty.)

LED shower mirror. Fog-free vanity mirror with LED lighting. Fog-free mirror with heating pad.

Premium Fog-free Shower and Vanity Mirrors

Shower mirror installed in shower.
Warmzone ShowerLite Mirror installed.

ShowerLite mirror with built-in LED panels installed in shower.

ClearLite mirror with LED panels in shower.

ClearLite vanity mirror with built-in LED panels.

ClearLite mirror with built-in LED panels.

Studio mirror with built-in defogger.
Warmzone's Fog-free Shower Mirrors

Warmzone's Shower ClearMirror

Warmzone's Shower ClearMirror™ is a beautifully crafted mirror with a thin, low-voltage electric heating panel attached to the back that gently warms the mirror to safely keep fog and mist from forming. The mirror mounts flush with the shower surface, resulting in a beautiful, elegant look, and provides convenient functionality for facial grooming and shaving.

This premium quality mirror with a pre-attached mirror defogger heats the glass, keeping it free of fog for your shower experience. Toss out those tacky, inconvenient temporary solutions and add a touch of elegant design, style and practicality that enhances the entire washroom. The heated LED fogless mirror is typically wired directly to your bathroom light switch, further adding to the clean design and convenient performance. Available in sizes: 12x12, 16x16, 18x18, 12x24, and includes a UL1310 Class 2 plug-in AC power supply.

Warmzone's ShowerLite ClearMirror

The ShowerLite fog-free series features the same attractive shower mirrors, but with beautifully crafted banks of LED lights built in to the mirror. The ShowerLite shower mirror with built-in low-voltage defogger and ultrathin LED lights is a great way to add elegant functionality to your bathroom. The LED lights simulate natural daylight and are perfect for tasks and accent lighting. The LED panels are 5300 K, 94 CRI, and are rated for 70,000 hours.

The Body ClearMirror

The Body Mirror is designed for the professional groomer. The 20 x 36-inch mirror makes shaving and grooming convenient with a fog-free (heated) zone of 16 x 30-inches. This elegant mirror is installed flush in your shower surround and can be turned on by wiring the mirror to your bathroom light or bath fan (recommended). The fog-free mirrors come with a low-voltage transformer.

The Grand Body ClearMirror

The Grand Body ClearMirror is a full length shower mirror that is 5 feet tall and 2½ feet wide. The mirror, with pre-attached defoggers on the reverse side, is mounted flush in your shower, providing you with a beautifully styled, grand fog-free mirror. Installing the Grand Body Mirror adds elegance and grooming convenience to your shower. We are also able to make custom modifications to your mirror if you wish.

Warmzone's Fog-free Vanity Mirrors

The Original ClearMirror Vanity Mirror

The Original ClearMirror is an affordable, electrically heated (120-volts), mirror with defogger (heating pad) that can be installed directionally preferred to the back of any vanity mirror. The stylish mirror is intended for use in vanities (not for use in shower), and is available in four standard sizes: 12"x12", 14"x14", 20"x20", and 20"x30".

The mirror is wired to your bathroom light switch, so regardless of the washroom environment, the defogger will keep your mirror fog-free. No more need to wipe down the mirror (which leaves streaks afterwards) or other temporary solutions. Add modern design and functionality to your vanity with the Original ClearMirror vanity mirror.

Warmzone's ClearLite Vanity Mirror

The popular ClearLite Vanity Mirror is designed with hotel designers and architects in mind. The ultrathin ClearLite Vanity Mirrors provide functionality and gorgeous looks to any bathroom vanity. Installed in high-end hotels throughout the world, these beautiful mirrors feature side or top mounted high-output LED panels along with the defogger mounted behind the thin mirror. In addition to the standard 24” x 36” size, the ultrathin ClearLite Vanity mirror can also be custom designed specifically for your vanity. This elegant series with built-in LED lights not only can be custom made to your size specifications, but you can also choose the lighting configuration.

The 94+ CRI LED lights are the best in the industry, and the LED panels provide full, even lighting coverage. The mirror features bright anodized aluminum sides and a hangar. (CL and C/UL listed for safety.) Call a Warmzone representative today for more information at 888.488.9276.

The Studio Series ClearMirror

Specify the ideal mirror for your home with Warmzone's beautiful Studio Series ClearMirrors. The 'standard' size Studio Mirror includes a 24"x36"x1/4" full low-iron glass matting and surface-mounted 18"x30"x1/4" beveled mirror. The mirror is supported by a ½-inch thick, high-density wood backer board with a Z-mounted hanger system. You can order the mirror in a variety of colors, with or without the defogger (heating pad) attached.

All Studio Series ClearMirrors are custom made, and quality handcrafted in the United States to your exact specifications. A wide variety of other glass matting and surface mirror, including custom sizes and shapes are available. Call us today for more information.

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