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Outdoor Heating Mats

Warmzone offers a variety of PowerBlanket portable outdoor heating solutions, including rugged ground thawing mats, heating blankets, engine warmers, barrel heaters, heated tote boxes and more. The durable, weatherproof electric heating blankets and warmers are a favorite among construction professionals and homeowners alike.

From large outdoor heating and snowmelt projects to simple pet heating and indoor needs, PowerBlankets are built to withstand repeated use in harsh, rugged environments. The portable heating mats are available in a variety of convenient sizes to meet your specific space requirements.

Concrete curing blanket. PowerBlanket barrel heaters and cylinder warmers. Engine warmers and block heaters.

PowerBlanket Portable Outdoor Heating Applications

PowerBlanket heated mats for ground thaw.
Ground Thaw and Utility Applications

Initially designed to thaw ground for mortuary services, the PowerBlanket can be effectively used for a variety of home and construction applications. If you need to get through frozen ground fast, the flexible PowerBlanket is the solution. The outdoor heating blanket can thaw up to 18 inches of ground overnight. The versatile PowerBlanket is also commonly used to provide warmth for pets and is safe to remain plugged in all winter.

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PowerBlanket barrel heaters, cylinder warmers and portable heat solutions.
Barrel Heaters and Cylinder Warmers

The PowerBlanket barrel heater features a durable vinyl covering and comes in sizes to accommodate 5-gallon buckets up to 30 and 55-gallon barrels. The barrel heater wraps around the barrel to produce fast, even, consistent heat. The built-in thermostat feature protects against over or under heating materials.

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PowerBlanket engine warmers and block heaters.
Engine Warmers

The PowerBlanket Engine Warmer protects engines from extreme weather and facilitates reliable engine starting during winter's most brutal months. Simply unroll the engine warmer, set on top or wrap the motor and close the hood. The engine warmer has a 6-foot male end cord. Smaller heating blankets and mats are also ideal as battery warmers.

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PowerBlanket engine warmers and block heaters.
Heated Tote Boxes and Warmers

PowerBlanket tote boxes and warmers are designed for storing and transporting temperature sensitive construction materials such as bags of asphalt, epoxy, caulking, paint and various other materials. The PowerBlanket warmers feature a patented heat-spreading technology and eco-friendly design, allowing you to maintain a consistent, heated environment, helping you to maximize your productivity.

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