FoilHeat™ Radiant Floor Heating Systems

The FoilHeat™ cut-and-turn floor heating mat is a unique electric floor heating system that is designed for use under carpet, laminate, engineered wood and floating floors. The FoilHeat mats can be cut and shaped on site to meet the specific requirements of the project. This efficient floor heating system is ideal for heating floors in any size or shape room, from basements to bedrooms, and offices, etc. The principle advantages of using FoilHeat include ease-of-installation, rapid response time, and uniform heating.

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FoilHeat - Thin, Reflective Floor HeatFoilHeat floor heating element being installed to heat basement floor

An Affordable Option for Laminate, Engineered Wood, and Floating Floors

The FoilHeat radiant floor heating system features a thin heating element designed primarily for use under laminate, engineered wood, glued hardwood and other floating floors. The principle advantages of using FoilHeat include ease of installation, rapid response time, and uniform heating of your laminate flooring. The materials, design and construction used in FoilHeat ensure that it remains free from the problems of 'hot-spots' or localized heating, which can sometimes happen with lower quality radiant floor heating systems.

The FoilHeat floor heating system is one of the best values for installing radiant heat under a variety of flooring types. It is relatively simple to install and can be cut on site to fit custom-shaped areas. (However, remember to only cut the foil mat, do not cut or damage the actual heat cables.)

Cutting the FoilHeat floor heating mat to make turns

Because of the quality of materials and rugged construction of FoilHeat, it is a proven durable and versatile floor heating solution for heating several different floor types, ranging from hardwood and laminates to carpet. The heating element is connected to a power-supply cable, which exits the laminate mat from one corner. The power lead is a flat, thin two-core flexible cord, consisting of two insulated conductors with a metal sheath and an outer sheath. FoilHeat mats are available in predetermined lengths to meet a variety of project dimensions.

FoilHeat is an efficient heated floor system and features easy installation. The under floor heating system consists of the foil heating mats and advanced digital thermostat that includes a 15-amp GFCI breaker and floor sensor for accurate programming. Call a Warmzone representative to learn more about the available thermostat options.

When it comes to customer service and support, Warmzone is an industry leader. Our customer services include free installation training, professional system design, and technical support for your installer during the installation. For more details, call a floor heating expert today at 888-488-9276.


FoilHeat Floor Heating System Features and Benefits

FoilHeat floor heating element
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Low Cost: The radiant heating system is very efficient, and features low installation and operation costs.

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Virtually No Floor Buildup: The grounded, flat aluminum mats are extremely thin, and no thin-set is required.

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Watertight: Heated carpet floors can be steam cleaned.

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Safe and Reliable: cULus listed.

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Easy Installation: The FoilHeat mats can be cut on site and the system can be installed quickly and easily.

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Energy Efficient: 99% of the energy is converted directly into heat.

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Maintenance Free: There are no moving parts, so you don't have to worry about ongoing maintenance costs.

Navigation bullet Warranty: 5-year manufacturer warranty

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FoilHeat Floor Heating Systems
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