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Countertop heater installed under curved overhang FeelsWarm countertop heater logo.

Stick-on Countertop Heaters

Add a new level of elegant comfort to the beauty of your kitchen's stone or concrete countertops with Warmzone’s FeelsWarm® Countertop Heaters. This remarkable heating solution features thin, flexible, low-voltage heating elements that adhere to the bottom of countertops, vanities or even office desks. The heating element is easy to install and adds luxurious warmth to existing or new stone countertops by gently raising the temperature by 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Curved ountertop heater installed under counter overhang Countertop heater installed under kitchen counter. Countertop heater shown installed under counter.

Product Videos and Literature

Video of countertop heater installation Video of countertop heater installation

VIDEO: Installation of Stick-on Countertop Heater

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Low-voltage Countertop Heaters

Warmzone's FeelsWarm countertop heaters.

Stick-on countertop heater installed under overhang.

Stick-on countertop heater under kitchen island counter.

Thin, stick-on countertop heater under kitchen counter.

Examples of some different stick-on countertop heaters.

Controller for countertop heater.
Warmzone’s FeelsWarm® Countertop Heaters

Warmzone’s countertop heaters with FeelsWarm technology feature a thin (0.025 inches), flexible low-voltage heating element. Because the thin heating element adheres to the underside of the counter or kitchen island they remain out of sight while creating a warm, comfortable place for the family to gather. The panels can be easily customized to meet your specific needs, and the heaters are surprisingly easy to install.

The countertop heaters feature an advanced design that utilizes a passive warming system. The heater slowly warms the stone counter, taking about 90 minutes to raise the temperature. This gradual warming approach and lack of temperature pulsing eliminates shock to the stone. And because the low-voltage countertop heaters are so efficient, the systems feature a low operating cost. In fact, homeowners typically leave their counter warming system running at all times, costing about 20 cents a day.


Warmzone’s FeelsWarm countertop heaters are commonly installed to warm kitchen islands, overhangs, desks, bathroom counters, bars, vanities, reception desks and any indoor application where stone is being considered. It is best to only heat the overhang, or edge of the counter. Most installations feature the heating panel being placed along the counter’s edge to about 12 inches deep. Because stone is typically not a good thermal conductor and most people only make contact near the edge of the counter, installing a 10 to 14-inch wide heating panel on the underside of the counter’s edge is the most ideal placement. The countertop heaters efficiently warm all types of stone, engineered stone and concrete countertops.


Because the heaters are low voltage they utilize a small transformer, which is usually installed in the kitchen island along with the thermal controller. While the thermal controller remains easily accessible, because of the low operating cost, most homeowners simply leave the system on 24/7. The cost to operate a 4 square foot countertop heater continuously is similar to a 75 watt light bulb, or approximately 20 to 25 cents per day.

Designed for easy installation, the heater shape and size is configured specifically to the customer’s unique counter, whether overhanging or resting on framework, angled or curved. The heating mats are an easy do-it-yourself installation that safely and effectively warms the stone.

Warmzone’s FeelsWarm countertop heaters are designed to gradually elevate the surface of stone countertops around 25 degrees above room temperature. In a 70-degree room counter will warm to about 95 degrees.

Available in four popular sizes, the countertop heaters can also be custom-designed to fit your layout needs. The gentle warmth safely adds luxurious comfort to kitchens, bathrooms, offices and more. To learn more about your countertop heating options contact a radiant heat expert today at 888.488.9276.

FeelsWarm® technology is a registered trademark of Heated Stone Products, patent pending.

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