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How FloorHeat Radiant Heated Floor Systems Work

FloorHeat radiant floor heating system installed under hardwood floor.

FloorHeat STEP System Components

Power Unit

The power unit, together with the step down transformer, [which converts the line voltage (220 V.) to the low voltage (60 V. or less)] can be thought of as the brains of the system. The advanced circuitry in the power unit regulates the system, ensuring safe, accurate, and optimal performance.

Because FloorHeat operates on low-voltage it does not require a ground fault switch. For typical applications, the system is normally connected to a 24 volt transformer, but FloorHeat can also be powered by solar or wind-power sources. The FloorHeat radiant floor heating system is maintenance free, easily zoned and extremely energy efficient.

Transformers for radiant floor heating systems.
Activation Device

Warmzone floor heating thermostats are 100 percent automated, allowing you to save energy as well as have the radiant floor heating system turn on when desired. You can program the floors to warm just before you get up each morning and then shut off as you leave for work.

Thermostats with an in-floor sensor (to measure floor temperature) and thermostats with ambient sensors (that detect room temperature) are available from Warmzone.

Warmzone offers the most advanced floor heating thermostats on the market, including the TOUCH and TOUCH WIFI thermostats. Other thermostats are available as well, so customers have a wide selection of controllers to choose from. Radiant floor heating thermostats are fully programmable and feature a relay output for infinitely variable setting of requested heating output, up to 10A.

Thermostat / controller for FloorHeat radiant floor heating system.
Heating Element

Manufactured in the United States (ISO 9001 certified manufacturer), the FloorHeat STEP radiant heating element is a unique, low-voltage, flexible polymer heating element that comes in 12- and 9-inch rolls. The element features a thin profile and can be cut on site; and because the heating element is self-regulating, it is very efficient. When the ambient temperature rises, the electrical resistance in the heating element increases, lowering the consumption of electricity. As the element gets warmer, less electricity passes through it, ensuring that the FloorHeat system will not overheat, making this one of the safest, most energy-efficient systems on the market.

The flexible polymer heating element is also not affected by weight loads or people walking on it during the installation. The versatile floor heating element is commonly used for renovation as well as new construction projects, and because of its thin profile, there is no need for floor buildup. The FloorHeat system can be installed to effectively warm all types of floors, including, tile, stone, hardwood, laminate, resilient and carpet, etc. The low-voltage radiant heating element makes FloorHeat STEP an excellent radiant heating choice for safely heating hardwood floors. This same polymer heating element is also used for roof deicing applications, and is one of the few - and best - solutions for heating metal roofs.

FloorHeat radiant heating elements for heated floor systems.

Cutaway view of heated hardwood floor, using the FloorHeat radiant heating system.  FloorHeat heating element installed between floor joists to retrofit a floor with radiant heat.

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