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Low-Voltage Floor Heat

FloorHeat is a technologically advanced radiant heat system that features an extremely low profile, self-regulating heating element. The versatile low-voltage, semi-conductive polyethylene heating element can be used for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor radiant heat applications.

The radiant heat system can be discreetly installed under most floor coverings including carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile, and laminates. The flexible heating element is so thin that it will not affect your floor buildup, weight loads, or flooring choices. FloorHeat's unique attributes make it an effective radiant heat choice for new construction jobs and can also be used for retrofit floor heating applications.

Radiant heated hardwood floor. Installing a heated tile floor, using FloorHeat. Yoga on a heated floor.

Product Literature

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FloorHeat Radiant Floor Heating Applications

Heated hardwood floor, using the FloorHeat radiant heating system.
Heated laminate floor being installed in kitchen.
FloorHeat radiant floor heating system installed for heated hardwood floor.
FloorHeat radiant floor heating system being installed.
Hardwood Floor Heating

FloorHeat features a self-regulating, semi-conductive polyethylene heating element (available in rolls 9 and 12-inches wide), used for in-floor radiant heat applications as well as roof deicing. Because the polymer heating element is so thin no floor buildup is required and it won't affect your weight loads, making this system an especially attractive option for heating hardwood surfaces. The durable radiant heating system provides safe, even heat distribution for your hardwood floors.

FloorHeat is a versatile radiant heating solution and can be used for a variety of interior and exterior radiant heat applications. The heating element can even be nailed or stapled in roofing applications without damaging it.

And because the heating element of FloorHeat systems are self-regulating, you can be assured that the system not only provides safe warmth for your floors, but that it is very energy efficient as well. The radiant heating element can be installed to heat hardwood floors as well as be installed in floor joists to heat existing floors.

Laminate Floor Heating

The polymer floor heating element is sold in rolls and is available in different widths. The system can be used for new construction jobs as well as retrofit floor heating applications. If you want to heat an existing floor and can access your floor joists from below, the FloorHeat heating element can be placed between the floor joists and then stapled. Insulation is then installed to direct the heat upward to the floor. The FloorHeat system can efficiently heat just about any type of existing floor. This system is a particularly popular radiant heating solution for laminate floor surfaces.

FloorHeat is flexible, yet very durable, and can be cut to length on the job site, facilitating quick, simple installation and energy-efficient heated floors.

In-floor Heat for Carpeted Floors

FloorHeat radiant floor heating elements can be placed directly under the flooring surface, making this a particularly advantageous heating system for warming carpeted floors. The heating element can also be stapled and nailed through for easy installation.

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FloorHeat Features and Benefits


FloorHeat is a thin, durable 9- or 12-inch wide flexible heating element that can be cut to length on the job site.


FloorHeat can be placed closer to the surface than most other radiant floor heating systems.


FloorHeat is self-regulating, so it draws only the energy required to maintain the ideal temperature.


FloorHeat is 100% efficient, meaning that all the electrical power is transferred directly to heat.


FloorHeat can be installed under almost any flooring, including: hardwood, tile, carpet, laminates, vinyl, and marble, etc.


FloorHeat is ideal for both renovation/retrofit applications as well as new construction jobs.

 * FloorHeat is so thin that no surface buildup is necessary.

FloorHeat can be stapled and nailed through for easy installation.

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