HeatShield™ Floor Heating Insulation Panels

HeatShield™ reflective insulation panels make installation of an electrical floor heating system under laminate and engineered wooden floors a breeze. There’s no need to worry about embedding the heating cables in a mud base when you use the HeatShield panel system. Simply lay the lightweight panels on the existing floor, lightly press the heating cable in the pre-engineered channels and then lay the laminate or engineered wood floor directly on top. Connect the thermostat and start enjoying the luxurious warmth of radiant heat.

To learn more about the features and benefits of the HeatShield floor heating insulation panels, call Warmzone® and speak with a floor heating expert today at 888-488-9276.

HeatShield Insulated Floor Heating SystemsHeatShield floor heating panel and heat cable

Electric Radiant Floor Heat Made Easy

The reflective HeatShield floor heating insulation panels consist of a ½-inch thick polystyrene insulation panel covered with thin, specially profiled aluminum. The insulated panel maximizes downward insulation and the aluminum reflects heat from the ComfortTile® heat cable upward to the floor, reducing energy consumption and optimizing the overall efficiency of the floor heating system. The lightweight panels provide one of the most efficient systems for heating laminate and floating floors.

Installation is made simple with the HeatShield panels. The pre-formed channels for the heating cable ensure accurate spacing and facilitate quick installation without the use of mortar and thinset, helping to minimize costs while helping to ensure a fast, clean and relatively easy install.

Radiant Heat for Engineered Hardwood Floors

HeatShield floor heating insulation panels feature lightweight aluminum insulation panels, resulting in no significant increase in your floor's weight load. The panels create a barrier between the subfloor and the new engineered wood (or other floor surface) to eliminate energy loss and reflect the heat directly up into the room where you can enjoy it.

Radiant floor heating provides luxurious warmth
Radiant Floor Heating for Laminate Surfaces

HeatShield panels provide the ideal, easy-to-install solution for heated laminate floor surfaces. The design is so efficient that you typically may run your floor heating system for shorter periods of time, which translates into an additional cost savings for you.

Advanced Radiant Floor Heating Design

The insulated aluminum HeatShield panels conveniently snap together across the length of the floor. Simply lay the insulation panels down over the subfloor and snap them together, using the small plastic locking keys that are provided with the system. The HeatShield floor heating system is designed to be used with the trusted ComfortTile heating cable — without the need for any thinset or mortar. Lightly press the heating cable in the pre-engineered grooves of the panels and then install your new flooring. For custom shaped rooms, HeatShield panels can be easily cut with a standard table saw or jig saw.

HeatShield panels differ from other underlayment products because lightweight insulation is built into the aluminum panels. So in addition to the specially profiled aluminum that maximizes heat distribution and efficiency, the panels create an insulated barrier between the colder subfloor and the heated floor surface, so the panels act as insulation as well as reflective heat sources. The combination of an insulated subfloor and a heat-conducting surface ensures optimum heat is delivered up through the floor. The proven system serves as a giant radiator, spreading heat evenly across the room. HeatShield floor heating systems mark a dramatic improvement over traditional radiant heated floor methods by not allowing heat to escape down into the subfloor, or cool temperatures “stealing” heat from the heating elements. For more details, call a floor heating expert today at 888-488-9276.


Features and Benefits

HeatShield floor heating insulation panels
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Specially Designed: HeatShield insulation panels are specially designed to offer one of the best solutions available for heating under laminate and engineered wood flooring.

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No Mortar or Mud: No mixing thin set or mud is required, ensuring correct cable spacing, saving time and simplifying installation.

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Versatile: Exceptional for laminate and engineered wood floors, but can also be used for a variety of other types of flooring. HeatShield is exceptional for concrete floors and basement renovations.

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Easy Installation: The large panels can be laid out quickly and easily, and the pre-engineered channels make installation of the heating cable simple and fast.

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Fast Response Time: The reflective panels heat quickly and evenly for maximum comfort.

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Energy Efficient: High R Value insulation significantly reduces energy consumption and provides energy efficient home-heating option. Nearly all of the energy is converted directly into heat.

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Maintenance Free: The floor heating system has no moving parts, so there's no need to worry about ongoing maintenance costs.

Product Literature

HeatShield Floor Heating Insulation Panels
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