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Boilers and Controls for Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating

Choosing the right boiler and controls is critical because they will directly influence the operational costs and effectiveness of a hydronic radiant floor heating system. Our job at Warmzone is to understand your project requirements and goals and then engineer the best system, using the products that best serve your needs. Because of the direct relationship we have with our customers and manufacturers, you will always receive honest recommendations coupled with the best prices in the industry.

Thermostats for Radiant Floor Heating

Thermostat for hydronic radiant floor heating system.

Warmzone utilizes tekmarNet® controls for its hydronic heating systems. Known by building professionals across the globe, tekmarNet controls are considered as the gold standard for hydronic radiant heat system controllers.

How Does the System Work?

The tekmarNet House Controls coordinate all the devices in your hydronic floor heating system to provide a level of energy savings, comfort and convenience not possible with stand-alone controls.


Controls for hydronic radiant floor heating system.

Cooling groups provide a heat/cool interlock between thermostats.

The outdoor sensor enables the system control to anticipate heating requirements for the building.

Thermostats communicate with the house control to improve comfort through indoor feedback.

One-touch adjustment of every thermostat is made possible with a user switch.

Simple schedules can be entered into a single timer and used by the entire system.


 Hydronic Floor Heating Diagrams - Click on the image to enlarge. 

Hydronic floor heating thermostat wiring center. Hydronic floor heating system overview. Hydronic floor heating system overview.
Hydronic Floor Heating Thermostats and Wiring Center Hydronic Heat - Boiler Controls Hydronic Heat Zone Controls

One Control, all the Benefits

  Simple Programming - Pre-programmed to suit most applications, setting up a House Control System is surprisingly easy. With the Access level adjustment, the control will stay as you left it.

$aving Indicator - A $aving Icon displays on screen when the House Control is using any of its many energy saving features.


Monitoring - The House Control monitors everything from pump run times to outdoor temperature extremes to boiler usage, then organizes it in a simple menu for access at any time.


Zone Synchronization - Every tekmarNet Thermostat communicates to agree on a common or synchronized start time. The result is a boiler that runs more efficiently and cycles less.


Zone Post Purge - At the end of a cycle, the zones are held on while the boiler is off. This efficiently moves residual heat out of the boiler and into the zones where it belongs.


Automatic Boiler Differential - Automatically adjusting the boiler differential to changing conditions ensures longer running times and reduced boiler short-cycling.


Boilers for Hydronic Heating Systems


Boiler for hydronic heated floor system.

The M-Module is here to replace the large mechanical rooms that are typically used with hydronic systems. Older hydronic floor heating systems required large mechanical rooms to house the pumps, manifolds and other equipment for controlling the systems. The M-Module is now making the design and installation of hydronic radiant heat simple while eliminating much of the wasted space in a mechanical room.


What used to take an installer up to three days to build for a functioning hydronic floor heating system can now be accomplished in 15 minutes. Of course, less installation time for your hydronic system means less installation costs and more money in your pocket for a luxurious floor heating system.


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