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The RetroHeat film heating panels are wired in parallel according to the following figures:

 Wiring the RetroHeat floor heating panels.


(It is recommended to have a licensed, qualified electrician wire this system.) Non-heating lead wires are attached to the connectors that were previously crimped to the heating panels. Use the barrel crimping section of the crimping tool (supplied) to crimp the wires in place. Insulators are then snapped over the connectors.


Preparing RetroHeat floor heating panels for installation.

Completing the Installation

Once the wiring has been completed for all of the heating panels, complete the tests outlined in the installation manual to ensure that the system is working properly. After confirming that the system is working as designed, the non-heating cold leads can then be wired to the thermostat.


Right click and "Save Target As" to download the PDF:


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