RetroHeat® Panel Preparation and Wiring

Prepare the RetroHeat Film Heating Panels

Installation Tips for Installing the RetroHeat Floor Heating System
Preparing the RetroHeat floor heating element for installation

NOTE: Heating panels should be prepared for each room prior to beginning the installation.

Use a knife or scissors to cut the panels to the proper length at the marked locations to fit the bays under the heatable area.

Attach connectors to one end of each heating panel set. To attach: Center a connector over one end of each bus bar, pressing them in place with finger pressure; then, crimp each connector in place using the flat portion of the crimping tool as shown in the figure (to the right).

Installing the RetroHeat floor heating element between the floor joists

Insulate the other end of each bus bar. Place a length of electrical tape over the exposed end of each bus bar opposite the electrical connector.

Attaching the Heating Panel Sets

Align the heating panel sets with the joists to which they will be attached.

Secure the panels to the joists with nails or staples. Be sure to leave at least 6-inches of clearance from walls or partitions at the connector end for wiring and final assembly. Place the nails or staples as close to the perforated bending line as possible, yet maintain a 2-inch space between the perforation and the top edge of the joist. Nails or staples should be placed at least once every 12" along each side of the heating panel set.

The heating panels are then folded so that they run level between the two joists. Nail or staple the other side of the panels to the other floor joist so that it is securely in position.

NOTE: The thin film heating panels should be recessed 2-inches from the bottom of the floor to create an air gap above the heating panels. This air gap will maximize the performance of the RetroHeat radiant floor heating system.

Wiring the RetroHeat Floor Heating Panels

The RetroHeat® film heating panels are wired in parallel according to the following figures:

RetroHeat floor heating element wiring It is recommended to have a licensed, qualified electrician wire this system. Non-heating lead wires are attached to the connectors that were previously crimped to the heating panels. Use the barrel crimping section of the crimping tool (supplied) to crimp the wires in place. Insulators are then snapped over the connectors.

Preparing the RetroHeat floor heating panels for installation
Completing the Installation

Once the wiring has been completed for all of the heating panels, complete the tests outlined in the installation manual to ensure that the system is working properly. After confirming that the system is working as designed, the non-heating cold leads can then be wired to the thermostat.

The information on this page is not intended to supercede information in the product's installation literature. For detailed instructions on installing the RetroHeat floor heating system, please refer to the RetroHeat Installation Manual.

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